Walk Your Pooch Pack in Style with the AUTOWT 2 in 1 Upgraded Double Dog Leash



Tired of getting tangled up when walking your two furry friends? We feel you. Trying to handle multiple dogs on leashes can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we created the AUTOWT 2 in 1 Upgraded Double Dog Leash – the perfect solution for simultaneously walking and training dogs of different sizes and temperaments.

This ingenious dual dog leash combines the control of a standard strap with the shock absorbing comfort of an elastic bungee cord. The adjustable strap keeps your smaller or better behaved dog secure at your side, while the stretchy bungee allows your larger or energetic pup more freedom to explore and move. No more getting tangled or tripped up!

Key Features:

Dual Leash Design: Features one adjustable nylon strap (16.5″ – 22.4″) and one elastic bungee cord (up to 31.5″) to accommodate dogs of different sizes and energy levels. Allows both dogs some independence without compromising control.

Shock Absorbing Bungee: The elastic bungee design reduces sudden pulling and absorbs energy to protect both dog and owner from pain or injury. Great for energetic large breed dogs.

Tangle-Resistant: 360° swivel snap hooks and connector prevent the straps from twisting and tangling during walks.

Customizable Fit: Fully adjustable strap length ensures a perfect fit for each dog. Suitable for a small dog paired with a larger or more active dog.

Reflective Stitching: Offers enhanced visibility and safety when walking at night. Available in bright, easy to spot colors.

Durable Construction: Made from heavy-duty nylon webbing with robust metal hardware. Built to last through years of regular use.

Walk Together, Train Together

The AUTOWT Double Dog Leash makes it easy to walk and train multiple dogs at once, even if they have vastly different sizes and temperaments. The dual lead design allows them to walk side by side without getting tangled up or interfering with each other’s movements.

The adjustable strap gives you complete control over one dog, while the bungee cord allows the other dog more flexibility to move and explore. The shock absorbing bungee helps reduce pulling and makes walks more comfortable for both pups.

You can use the leash to walk a calm, older dog alongside a high energy puppy or rambunctious adolescent. The adjustable strap keeps the mature dog steady at your side, while the energetic youngster can bounce around and sniff within the length of the bungee.

It’s also great for training two dogs at the same time. The split lead allows you to correct one dog’s behavior without affecting the other. You maintain control and prevent the dogs from getting tangled.

Comfortable, Safe, and Convenient

Our double dog leash is designed for maximum comfort, safety, and convenience for you and your furry companions.

The adjustable strap slides easily to find the perfect fit for each dog, so they can walk comfortably without feeling constricted. The bungee cord provides freedom of movement while absorbing energy from pulling or sudden lunges. This reduces pain and chances of injury.

The full length reflective stitching provides increased visibility for safely walking your pups at night. It comes in bright colors that make your duo stand out.

The tangle-resistant design keeps the leashes from twisting up unnecessarily. The 360 degree swivel snap hooks further eliminate tangling and keep your dogs from getting frustrated on walks.

The high quality nylon and robust hardware ensure durability and strength for years of regular use. It will stand up to the rigors of daily walks with active dogs.

Take Control of Your Dynamic Dog Duo

Don’t let walking two dogs at once turn into a tangled mess. The AUTOWT 2 in 1 Double Dog Leash gives you total control over your canine pack.

The clever dual lead design lets dogs of vastly different sizes, ages, and temperaments walk together in comfort. Keep your dogs – and yourself – happy, safe, and untangled on every stroll around the block or hike through the woods.

Bring harmony to your pack and make dog walking enjoyable again. Order the AUTOWT today!


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