Walk Your Dog in Style and Safety with the AMTOR Reflective Step-in Dog Harness and Matching Leash



Is walking your dog a struggle? Does your pooch constantly pull, choke themselves, and make walks miserable? It’s time to get the AMTOR Dog Harness and Leash Set for happy, hassle-free walks for you and your pup!

This adjustable no-pull dog harness and coordinating leash provides the perfect combination of comfort, control, and visibility to make walking your dog easy and enjoyable.

No More Pulling or Choking!

This brilliantly designed no-pull harness prevents your dog from choking themselves and pulling your arm out of its socket! It securely and gently discourages pulling thanks to two leash attachment points on the back. This stops excess pressure on your dog’s throat while evenly distributing pressure across their chest.

The result? Your dog can’t pull as effectively, quickly learning not to do so. Walks become more pleasant for both of you!

Padded for Your Pet’s Comfort

An essential feature that sets the AMTOR harness apart is its padded vest. This provides extra cushioning for your dog’s comfort.

The breathable air mesh fabric is soft and gentle against your dog’s coat while still being durable. It won’t cause chafing or irritation.

Your pooch will love the cozy padded vest – it makes walks even more enjoyable for them!

Reflective for Visibility & Security

The 360° reflective strips on this harness provide peace of mind by keeping your dog visible at night. Drivers can see your pooch from all directions when car headlights reflect off the harness.

It also has multiple adjustment points and buckles to keep it securely on your wriggly pup. The Magic Tape, buckle, and double D-rings work together to protect your pet in three layers of security. Escape artists won’t be slipping out of this harness!

Fits Comfortably with Adjustable Straps

Finding a properly fitted harness is crucial for it to be effective and comfy. The AMTOR Dog Harness has four adjustable points to customize the fit for your dog’s unique shape and size.

It comes in sizes to fit extra small to large dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes. Measure around your dog’s chest and neck and follow the size chart to choose the perfect size.

Then simply adjust the neck and chest straps until the harness is snug but not restrictive. Your dog will barely notice they have it on!

Matching Leash Included

Who doesn’t love a coordinating set? This harness comes with a sturdy 5 foot leash in the same vibrant color so you can walk in style!

The leash clasp easily and securely attaches to both harness D-rings for excellent control. It keeps your dog close by your side instead of pulling ahead.

Padding on the handle provides a comfortable, non-slip grip. You’ll love strolling with your best friend using this handy leash and harness duo.

Easy to Put On and Take Off

Slipping this harness on and off your wriggly pup is simple. Just follow these easy steps:

Unclip buckle and open Magic Tape.
Have your dog step into the harness with their front legs through the neck hole.
Close the Magic Tape and clip the buckle.
Adjust the straps as needed for a snug fit.
Attach the leash and go!

Taking it off is just as easy – just unclip and open it up. Even excited pups are no match for this quick on and off design.

Benefits for You and Your Dog

The perks of choosing the AMTOR Dog Harness and Leash Set include:

Stops pulling for pleasant, controlled walks
Padded for comfort against your dog’s coat
Reflective for safety and visibility
Fits snugly with adjustable straps
Matching leash included
Easy on/off design

Your dog will love going for strolls, runs, and adventures wearing this easy-to-use harness and leash combo!

Buy with Confidence

The AMTOR No Pull Dog Harness and Leash Set has everything needed for comfortable, carefree walks with your furry friend.

Don’t waste another walk struggling with your pulling pooch. Get this brilliant harness and leash for stunning quality, security, visibility, and comfort.

Your beloved pet will thank you – as will your aching arms and back! Make daily dog walks enjoyable for everyone with this must-have dog walking set.


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