Train Your Pup Without Ruining Your Leash!



Does your new pup think your retractable leash is a chew toy? Are you worried your dog will destroy your expensive leash before he’s fully trained? Introducing the Anti-Chew Extension for Retractable Leashes – the perfect training tool to protect your leash during your pup’s teething phase.

Save Your Leash from Destruction

Puppies love to chew, and your retractable leash cord can look awfully tempting. But one chewed through cord can render your leash unusable. Avoid spending money on replacement leashes by attaching this anti-chew extension cord instead. It acts as a sacrificial chew toy, taking the brunt of bites and nibbles so your actual leash stays intact.

Strong and Durable Nylon Design

This anti-chew extension is made from industrial strength nylon, the same material used to make tough dog toys. It’s thick and sturdy enough to withstand reasonable chewing. While not fully chew proof, it’s much more resistant than your leash cord.

Perfect for Training

Use this extension during leash training and walks while your dog is teething. As your pup learns not to chew on their leash, you can remove the anti-chew extension and walk confidently with your undamaged retractable leash.

Convenient 2 Pack

Each order comes with 2 anti-chew extension cords so you have a backup on hand. They quickly and easily clip onto your leash handle. Take one on every walk for a chew-free experience.

Dual Dog Walking too!

These anti-chew extensions pull double duty. Attach one to each dog’s collar to walk two pups at the same time with one retractable leash. Great for multi-dog households or when teaching two dogs to walk together.

Important to Note:

The nylon material is NOT chew proof, so supervise your dog during use. This product is meant to mitigate normal puppy chewing, not withstand aggressive or excessive chewing. Also, do not exceed your leash’s weight limit when walking two dogs at once.

Keep Your Retractable Leash Looking and Working Like New!

Don’t waste money replacing chewed up leashes over and over. Protect your investment with the Anti-Chew Extension for Retractable Leashes. Order a 2 pack today and breathe easy on walks, knowing your leash is safe from harm. Your pup will love having their own “leash toy” making training more engaging and chewing irresistible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this extension stand up to aggressive chewers?

This nylon extension is thick and durable, however it is not fully chew PROOF. It is meant to curb normal puppy chewing behavior, but may not withstand aggressive or excessive chewing from some dogs. Always supervise use.

Do I need to use it every time I walk my dog?

These anti-chew extensions are helpful during initial leash training while your puppy is teething. Once your dog is fully trained not to chew their leash, you can retire the anti-chew extensions.

How do I know if it’s time to replace the extension?

Inspect the anti-chew extensions before and after each use. Look for fraying, damaged areas, or thin spots in the nylon. Replace the extension cord if you see excessive wear and tear.

Can I walk large dogs with the dual leash attachment?

You can walk two dogs together as long as their combined weight does not exceed your retractable leash’s weight rating. Refer to your leash’s specifications.

Will this work with any retractable leash brand?

These anti-chew extensions are designed to clip onto any standard retractable leash that uses a loop leash handle. They are universally compatible across brands.

Customer Reviews

“These extensions saved my new retractable leash from destruction! My pup loved chewing his own ‘leash toy’ while I could finally relax and enjoy our walks stress-free.” – Sarah M.

“So convenient to have a 2 pack and be able to walk my two dogs together. The extensions make training much easier. I’d recommend them to any puppy owner.” – Daniel T.

“I’ll admit my Lab is an aggressive chewer, and even these extensions couldn’t withstand him for long. But they did protect my actual leash which would have been shredded otherwise.” – Lucas P.

“I clip these onto my leash as a precaution now, even though my puppy is fully trained. For such an affordable price, it’s worth protecting my investment.” – Jessica R.

“These nylon cords are thick and seem very sturdy. I’ve been using them for weeks and there’s barely a dent. I’ll definitely order more when I need to replace them.” – Andrew D.

Protect Your Investment and Make Training Fun

Don’t wait for your retractable leash to meet an untimely end in your puppy’s mouth. Get the Anti-Chew Extension for Retractable Leashes 2 Pack today to protect your leash and engage your dog during training. Order now and walk your pup stress-free!


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