Train Your Dog to Stop Excessive Barking with Birkhey’s Safe and Effective No Shock Bark Collar



Is your dog’s constant barking driving you and your neighbors crazy? Believe it or not, excessive barking is one of the most common behavior problems reported by dog owners. Your furry friend may be barking for attention, out of boredom, or simply because they hear noises outside. Whatever the reason, Birkhey’s innovative new bark collar provides a safe, humane way to curb excessive barking and train your dog to bark less.

How Does the Birkhey Bark Collar Work?

This intelligent bark collar efficiently detects your dog’s bark and immediately triggers either a harmless beep or vibration, a mild static shock, OR both a beep/vibration and shock – the choice is yours. The collar allows you to easily switch between a no-shock mode utilizing just beeps and vibrations and a shock mode with 6 levels of static correction. An LED display clearly indicates the mode and shock level, giving you complete control over your dog’s training.

Unlike other bark collars, Birkhey’s has NO DELAY in its response time. It accurately perceives each bark and instantly delivers the desired deterrent, stopping excessive vocalization right away. The collar also features 5 adjustable sensitivity settings, so you can fine-tune its responsiveness to suit your dog’s unique needs.

100% Safe, Humane, and Effective

At Birkhey, your dog’s safety and wellbeing are our top concern. The silicone prongs gently rest against your dog’s skin, ensuring the shock is harmless yet effective at curbing barking. The collar automatically stops working after six corrections, preventing overexposure, and resumes working after a 30 second break.

You’ll have total peace of mind knowing the smart anti-interference feature prevents false triggers. The collar won’t activate from another dog’s barking or loud background noises – only YOUR dog’s bark prompts a correction. We’ve rigorously tested thousands of barks to perfect the sound filtering technology.

Fits All Dog Breeds and Sizes

This adjustable bark collar is suited for dogs with neck sizes ranging from 7 to 27 inches in circumference. It works for large breeds up to 120 pounds, medium dogs between 10-80 pounds, and even small dogs over 10 pounds (as long as the collar can be properly tightened).

Please carefully measure your dog’s neck before ordering to ensure the best fit. The collar should be snug but not constricting. If you’re unsure about sizing, we recommend ordering a size up.

Rechargeable and 100% Waterproof

The convenient USB charging cable allows you to quickly juice up the battery in just 2 hours. On a single 2 hour charge, the collar can work continuously for 15 days – plenty of time between charges.

You don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain either. Our bark collar is completely waterproof, so your dog can wear it anywhere without damage.

Train Your Dog to Stop Excessive Barking

If your dog barks at the mailman, garbage truck, or every passerby, a bark collar is an indispensable training tool. The instant beep, vibration, and/or static shock interrupts your pup’s barking, signaling that it’s unwanted behavior. Over a consistent training period of 2-3 weeks, your dog will learn that excessive barking leads to an unpleasant consequence.

We recommend beginning with the beep and vibration modes only, then gradually introducing the mildest level static shock if needed. Keep rewarding your dog with praise and treats when they’re calm and quiet! With time, consistency, and positive reinforcement, your dog will curb that annoying barking habit for good.

Convenient Features:

Fully adjustable nylon collar fits neck sizes 7 to 27 inches
Beep, vibration, and progressive static shock deterrent modes
6 levels of static shock correction
5 sensitivity settings to suit your dog’s temperament
LED indicator displays correction level and mode
Automatically stops working after 6 corrections
Stops barking without harming your dog
Waterproof and rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Up to 15 days use per 2 hour charge

Order Today and Finally Get Some Peace and Quiet!

Train your noisy barker to quiet down and say goodbye to those pesky barking complaints from neighbors. Birkhey’s innovative bark collar is a game-changer for excessive barkers. With beeps, vibrations, and harmless shocks, you can curb annoying barking in a humane, positive way.

Your purchase is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re confident this is the most effective bark collar on the market today. Order now and look forward to a calmer, quieter home!


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