Train Your Dog Effectively with the Asrcs Dog Training Collar



Tired of your dog misbehaving and not listening to your commands? Introducing the Asrcs Dog Training Collar – the safe, humane, and highly effective solution for training dogs of all sizes and temperaments. This innovative training collar allows you to reinforce commands and correct unwanted behaviors from up to 1650 feet away!

Customizable and Effective Training Modes

The Asrcs Dog Training Collar features 5 different training modes so you can find the right stimulation for your dog’s unique personality and sensitivity level. Choose from beep, vibration, static shock, or a combination of these to get your dog’s attention, reinforce commands, and discourage problem behaviors like excessive barking, jumping, or pulling on the leash.

With adjustable intensity levels from 0-99 for both vibration and static shock, you can start on low levels and increase if needed. This allows you to find the exact amount of stimulation that works for your dog without going overboard. The collar has a light shock sensation that surprises and redirects your dog without excessively startling or hurting them.

Long Battery Life and Range

One of the major problems with some dog training collars is their lack of range and battery life. But the Asrcs collar features an incredible 1650 foot range so you can reinforce behaviors and correct misdeeds even at a distance. No more waiting until your dog runs back to you to give a command!

The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries on both the remote and collar last ages between charges. You get days of use from a single 2-3 hour charge. A power level indicator light lets you know when it’s time to recharge. With the included 2 in 1 charging cable, you can conveniently charge both remote and collar at the same time.

Waterproof, Safe, and Secure

We know safety is your top concern, so the Asrcs Collar was designed with multiple features to keep your dog secure. The collar receiver is made from IPX7 waterproof materials, so you don’t have to remove it when your dog goes for a swim or is out in the rain. The unit is also designed to withstand dirt, dust, and shocks from normal wear and tear.

To prevent accidental shocks from accidental remote presses, the Asrcs collar has a security keypad lock feature. Simply hold the lock button for a few seconds to disable the shock button until you enter the programmed passcode. This gives you peace of mind that the remote won’t activate when stored in a pocket or bag.

The collar itself is constructed from a flexible and rugged nylon material. Fully adjustable from 8 to 27.5 inches in circumference, the collar ensures a perfect fit for dogs with neck sizes from 6 to 26 inches. It’s suitable for dogs from 15 to 160 pounds, so you can train small, medium, large, and extra large breeds with the same collar.

Additional Useful Features

In addition to the outstanding training modes, the Asrcs collar comes with extra features to provide more value:

LCD screen with blue backlight lets you easily see settings in low light
2 hour rapid charge gets your collar charged and ready to go when you’re in a hurry
Beep mode gets your dog’s attention without any stimulation
Emergency flashlight built into remote for visibility in the dark
Low battery/recharge notification
Oversized buttons are easy to press even with gloves on
Lanyard included for holding remote

Train a Well-Behaved Dog with Asrcs

The Asrcs Dog Training Collar uses advanced technology to allow both beginners and experienced dog owners to reinforce good behaviors and train away unwanted habits. With the remote control safely in your hands, you can send instant vibrations or gentle shocks to get your dog’s attention, prevent chasing or aggression, and remind them to obey commands – even from far away.

The humane and effective stimulation modes let you start training with low levels and work your way up until your dog responds appropriately. As your dog learns the right behaviors and listens better, you can phase out the collar’s use and your dog will obey your voice commands alone. With time and consistency, the Asrcs collar conditions your dog to become more obedient and improves their focus on you as their trusted pack leader.

Don’t put up with a disobedient, hyperactive, or aggressive dog any longer! The Asrcs Dog Training Collar is the game-changing solution you need for a better-trained and well-behaved dog. Order today and finally get the reliable, off-leash obedience you want from your furry friend.


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