Take Control of Walks and Keep Your Dog Safe with the Black Rhino Dual Traffic Handle Dog Leash



Walking your dog should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your four-legged friend. With the Black Rhino Dual Traffic Handle Dog Leash, you’ll have better control, keeping your dog safe even in crowded areas. This leash has two padded handles – one extends the leash to 5 feet for casual walks and a second “traffic handle” just 1 foot from the collar clasp for when you need your dog close by your side.

Walks Your Way with Two Convenient Handles

The Black Rhino leash gives you options for any walking scenario. Take your dog to the park? Use the fully extended 5 foot leash to give them some freedom to explore and play. Heading downtown with busy sidewalks and intersections? Use the 1 foot traffic handle for close control as you navigate crowds.

Whether you’re leisurely strolling through the neighborhood or navigating a bustling bike path, the two handles offer you flexibility. The longer handle lets your dog sniff, potty, and investigate on walks while keeping them safely tethered. When you need to rein them in, just grab the traffic handle. It keeps your dog right by your side, perfect for training loose leash walking or navigating areas that require close supervision.

Padded Handles Prevent Hand Strain & Irritation

Have you ever returned from a walk with sore hands or blisters from a rough leash handle? The Black Rhino leash puts comfort first with padded neoprene handles. The soft yet durable padding prevents irritation and hand strains, making walks comfortable no matter how far you go.

The ergonomic handles distribute pressure evenly across your palm, protecting your hands. Enjoy strolling for miles without painful rubbing or strains. The thick padding also provides an excellent grip, even when wet.

Gain Better Control Over Medium & Large Dogs

Let’s face it – walking a strong, powerful dog can be challenging, especially when they want to dash after squirrels or greet other dogs. This leash is specifically designed for medium and large breeds, giving you the control you need. The dual handle design allows you to quickly adjust the lead’s length for more authority over an excited pup.

At 5 feet long, the Black Rhino leash provides enough length for your dog to comfortably move yet prevents the tangling that can come with retractable leads. When taut, the durable nylon leash won’t stretch, so you can easily rein in your dog when needed. Despite its strength, the leash remains lightweight and easy to manage.

Reflective Accents & Heavy Duty Clasp for Safety

Dog walks often coincide with twilight hours when visibility is low. The Black Rhino leash has reflective stitching along its length so motorists can see you and your dog. The metal leash clip also features a reflective accent for added visibility and security.

A sturdy zinc alloy clasp connects securely to your dog’s collar without sagging. The swivel attachment prevents tangling so your dog can move freely without tripping you up. The metal clasp is weather-resistant so you can walk worry-free even in the rain.

Our Promise – Durable, Dependable Quality

We stand behind the quality craftsmanship and durability of our leashes. Made from robust nylon, this leash can withstand the rigors of daily use without fraying or breaking. It’s built to last through years of walks, training, and adventures with your dog.

We hand-inspect each leash before it leaves our factory. Our leashes undergo stringent tests for defects so only the highest quality products make it to your door.

Should any issue arise, contact us immediately for a replacement, guaranteed. We want you and your dog to enjoy safe, comfortable walks and provide exceptional customer service if needed. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Take Your Dog on a Walk Their Way Today

Don’t struggle to control an unruly dog on walks any longer. The Black Rhino dual handle traffic lead gives you the flexibility and control you need for stress-free strolls. Customize each walk – give your dog freedom to sniff and explore or keep them close by your side in crowded areas.

With padding for comfort, reflective accents for visibility, and a durable dual handle design, this leash provides safety, versatility, and ease of use. Order today and take your medium or large dog on walks tailored for their needs and your desired control. The Black Rhino leash makes walks easy and enjoyable for both ends of the leash.


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