Stop Pet Bleeding Fast – Natural Styptic Powder for Cats & Dogs



Is your furry friend prone to nicks, cuts or bloody paws? Do you worry every time you clip your pet’s nails or declaw? Bleeding accidents don’t have to be scary with Chew + Heal Labs’ natural styptic powder. Formulated for fast relief, our powder quickly stops bleeding and seals wounds on contact.

Perfect for grooming kits, first aid kits and home use, our styptic powder for pets provides instant pain relief while protecting against infection. Just apply to minor cuts, nail trims or other superficial wounds. The fast-acting formula coagulates blood in seconds, providing soothing comfort for your beloved companion.

Why Choose Chew + Heal Styptic Powder?

Rapid Relief – Seals wounds instantly to halt bleeding fast. The natural mineral formula forms a protective barrier that stops blood flow.

All-Natural Ingredients – Made with safe, non-toxic ingredients like benzocaine, aluminum sulfate and more. Gently cares for tender paws without chemicals or irritants.

Multi-Use – Prevents bleeding from small cuts, nail trims, docking tails, declawing, minor injuries and more. Use after surgery to avoid complications.

For All Pets – Suitable for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, horses and other domestic animals. Stop bleeding fast no matter the furry friend.

Easy To Use – Apply directly to wound with included applicator. Works on contact for quick, fuss-free treatment. Seals cuts without stinging or burning.

Dependable Results – Our natural styptic powder is veterinarian recommended and groomer approved. Customers love how fast it stops bleeding for a stress-free experience.

Take the Anxiety Out of At-Home Pet Care

No more racing for gauze or towels when you nick those tiny paw pads and claws. Our styptic powder is designed for inexperienced pet owners and pros alike. The fool-proof applicator makes it easy to stop bleeding quickly, even if you’ve never used a styptic product before.

Tired of the stress and mess of bloody paws after nail trims? Simply apply Chew + Heal powder to freshly clipped nails to instantly seal the cut. No more worrying about stained furniture or clothing from free-flowing blood. The fast-acting formula lets you and your pet relax while grooming.

Heading to the vet for declawing or tail docking surgery? Be prepared for any bleeding afterward with our natural powder. Apply directly after the procedure to protect tender wounds. The gentle ingredients form a clot quickly without stinging sensitive areas.

Take It Anywhere

Don’t let minor cuts and abrasions ruin your next road trip, camping adventure or day at the dog park. Chew + Heal’s travel-friendly bottle fits perfectly into first aid kits, tackle boxes and weekend bags. The sealed applicator prevents spills or leakage, so you can take it anywhere.

TSA-approved and ready for air travel. Never find yourself without the essential bleeding control you need, even when away from home.

Natural Ingredients for Soothing Relief

Chew + Heal Styptic Powder relies on nature, not chemicals, to stop bleeding fast. Our proprietary blend of natural minerals provides instant pain relief while protecting your pet’s wound.

Benzocaine – A topical anesthetic that numbs pain on contact for gentle treatment. Safely stops discomfort.
Aluminum Sulfate – Quickly forms a clot to halt bleeding without stinging or burning. Seals cuts instantly.
Kaolin Clay – Absorbs fluid to control bleeding and prevent infection in wounds. Also soothes irritation.
Zinc Oxide – Soothes skin and minimizes scarring while guarding against bacteria in cuts.
Botanical oils like lavender, chamomile, aloe vera and vitamin E provide additional healing benefits. Essential oils promote tissue growth for faster recovery without antibiotics.

Depend on our natural ingredients to provide fast, fuss-free relief for your beloved pet. No harsh chemicals to worry about!

Vet-Approved and Groomer-Recommended

Don’t just take our word for it! Professional pet experts love Chew + Heal’s convenient styptic powder.

“I recommend this styptic powder to all my clients. It stops bleeding instantly so we can trim nails with confidence.” – Sarah B., Professional Dog Groomer

“Chew + Heal is my go-to for minor surgery bleeding. It’s fast, easy and reduces complications.” – Dr. Jones, Veterinarian

“All the groomers here keep this powder handy for quick nail trim clotting.” – Pet Parlor Pet Grooming Salon

“I won’t board pets without having Chew + Heal styptic powder in my first aid kit.” – Lily P., Pet Boarding Facility Owner

“We use this daily at our clinic. It’s gentle and effective for all animals.” – Dr. Ahmed, Exotic Animal Vet

Experiencehassle-free bleeding control with a product recommended by pros. Chew + Heal styptic powder gives pet owners and animal care experts peace of mind.

Trusted Brand for Happy, Healthy Pets

Chew + Heal Labs creates natural remedies to make pets happy and healthy. Our line of grooming products, calming treats, dental chews and more offer drug-free solutions for common pet issues.

We take pride in using only natural, non-toxic ingredients in our fast-acting formulas. Chew + Heal veterinarians and product experts carefully craft each remedy to be safe and effective. Your pet’s comfort and wellbeing drive all we do.

Discover grooms and trims without the stress of bleeding accidents. Get Chew + Heal’s all-natural styptic powder for cats, dogs and exotic animals today!


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