Stop Excessive Barking with the Advanced No Bark Collar for Dogs



Is your dog’s constant barking driving you and your neighbors crazy? It’s time to take control of the situation with the Bark Collar No Bark Collar Rechargeable Anti bark Collar. This humane, intelligent bark collar provides everything you need to quickly train your dog to stop barking excessively.

Excessive and nuisance barking is one of the most common behavior problems reported by dog owners. Dogs bark for many reasons – attention seeking, boredom, alarm, or compulsion. But regardless of the cause, excessive barking can disrupt your household and damage relationships with neighbors. The key is controlling when and how much your dog barks.

The No Bark Collar uses innovative technology to detect barking and immediately administer a safe but annoying static correction. The collar has 16 sensitivity levels so you can fine tune it to your dog’s specific barking behavior. It also has dual modes – beep/vibration warning or beep/vibration/static correction. This allows you to choose the motivation method that works best for your pet.

Key Features:

  • Detects the sound of barking and activates immediately
  • Ignores other ambient sounds and only corrects your dog
  • Fully adjustable sensitivity with 16 levels
  • Dual modes – beep/vibration warning or beep/vibration/static correction
  • Automatically increases warning time between corrections
  • Stops functioning after 7 rapid triggers to prevent over-correction
  • Water resistant collar receiver and remote transmitter
  • Rechargeable lithium ion batteries in both units
  • Collar fits neck sizes 7″ to 23″

The No Bark Collar is designed using the latest technology to detect the unique sound signature of your dog’s bark. The microphone filters out ambient background noises, so it will not activate from another dog barking or other loud noises. It responds only to the specific bark of the dog wearing the collar.

The collar has 16 adjustable sensitivity levels, so you can fine tune it precisely to your dog’s barking volume. Level 1 is for extra loud barkers and level 16 is for soft barkers. Matching the sensitivity prevents false corrections and improves training efficiency.

For added versatility, the collar has two selectable modes. In warning mode, it responds to barking with a beep and vibration but no static correction. This acts as a reminder to stop barking. In correction mode, the beep and vibration are followed by a safe but annoying static correction. Pick the mode based on your dog’s specific needs.

A key safety feature is the collar’s automatic increasing warning time. It starts with 15 seconds between corrections. But if barking continues, the time extends up to 60 seconds between corrections to prevent over-triggering. It also stops functioning after 7 rapid triggers as an added safety precaution.

Both the collar receiver and handheld transmitter are water resistant for use in any weather. The units have rechargeable lithium ion batteries that provide 7-10 days of use per charge. Red and green status lights indicate charging status and low battery level.

Get Control of Excessive Barking

Uncontrolled barking can make life unpleasant for everyone. But with the safe, effective No Bark Collar, you can quickly train your dog to bark less. The collar detects only your dog’s unique bark sound signature, provides adjustable sensitivity and modes, and includes key safety features. Regain peace in your home and neighborhood by controlling when and how much your dog barks.

Order the No Bark Collar today and say goodbye to excessive barking for good. Your dog, family, and neighbors will thank you!


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