Stay Safe and Seen While Out at Night with the AVANTO 2 Piece LED Light Set for Walking, Running, Biking and Dog Walking



Heading out for a late night walk, run or bike ride? Make sure drivers, cyclists and pedestrians can see you clearly with the AVANTO 2 Piece LED Light Set. This set includes a rechargeable hands-free chest light and two clip-on LED safety lights to provide 360 degrees of visibility. With 18X better visibility than reflectors alone, these lights will help keep you safe on nighttime adventures.

The adjustable chest light conveniently straps to your torso to free up your hands, with built-in reflectors on the shoulder straps. Position the light’s beam up or down as needed to illuminate your path and alert others to your presence. The long-lasting rechargeable battery provides up to 5 hours of light on a single charge.

The two compact clip-on safety lights attach easily to your clothing, dog’s collar, leash, bike or stroller. Their flashing red lights enhance your visibility from all angles. Each light uses a standard replaceable button cell battery for hours of safety.

Product Title: AVANTO 2 Piece LED Light Set – Chest Light & Clip-On Safety Lights for Walking, Running, Biking & Dog Walking

360 Degree Visibility for Night Walks, Runs & Bike Rides

Safely navigate nighttime walks, runs and bike rides with the complete 360 degree visibility provided by the AVANTO 2 Piece LED Light Set. The adjustable chest light straps to your torso to keep your hands free and light your path, while built-in reflectors increase rear visibility. Two clip-on flashing safety lights attach anywhere for all-angle awareness of your presence. Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians will see you coming and give you a wide berth.

Hands-Free Chest Light for Illuminated Paths

Trek down poorly-lit paths with confidence using the rechargeable chest light. Easily adjust the light’s beam angle up or down to illuminate upcoming hazards and obstacles. The bright LED light shines up to 65 feet to light your way. Built-in reflectors on the straps bounce back light to give drivers, cyclists and pedestrians ample warning of your approach. Enjoy hands-free convenience and optimized forward and rear visibility.

All-Weather LED Lights for Reliable Visibility

Don’t let poor weather stop you from enjoying outdoor activities after dark. The AVANTO LED lights are IPX5 rated for water resistance, so they’ll shine through rain, snow, wind and more. The chest light provides up to 5 hours of illumination per charge, while the clip-on safety lights run for hours on easily replaced button cell batteries. These durable lights will provide reliable visibility mile after mile in any conditions.

Clip-On Safety Lights for 360 Degrees of Awareness

Alert others to your presence from all angles with the two included clip-on safety lights. Their bright flashing red lights are visible for over 500 feet. Easily and securely attach them to your clothing, dog’s collar, bike, stroller, backpack and more. Combined with the chest light’s forward and rear visibility, you’ll have full 360 degree awareness on nighttime adventures. Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians can see you coming and give you ample space.

Comprehensive Visibility for Dog Walking

Dog parents can relax knowing their pups will stay visible and safe on nightly walks with this LED light set. Attach one clip-on light to your dog’s collar and one to the leash handle for visibility from both above and at street level. The adjustable chest light illuminates your path so you can avoid hazards, while providing rear visibility so approaching pedestrians can see you. Drivers will spot you and your dog well in advance for safety.

Ultimate Night Running Visibility

This light set has everything you need for safe nighttime runs. The chest light illuminates uneven terrain and obstacles ahead, while built-in reflectors increase rear visibility. Clip the two safety lights to your shirt, shorts, hat and shoes for flashing visibility from all directions. Approaching vehicles will give you a wide berth and you’ll avoid collisions with unseen pedestrians. Enjoy your evening runs without sacrificing safety.

Reliable Bike Commuting Lights

Commuting by bike at night? This LED light set helps ensure drivers see you for a stress-free ride. Mount the chest light to your handlebars to light the road ahead, while the clip-on rear safety light attaches to a backpack or belt for flashing visibility. Add the second clip-on light to your bike frame or helmet for all-angle awareness. The IPX5 weatherproof rating means these lights will shine through rain, snow and more on your commute.

Comprehensive Visibility for Night Strolls

Nighttime strolls with little ones require extra visibility for safety. The adjustable chest light provides forward illumination to avoid tripping hazards, while increasing rear visibility. Clip one safety light to your child’s stroller and one to your upper body for flashing awareness from all angles. Drivers and cyclists will spot your approach well in advance for a comfortable walk.

Why Choose the AVANTO 2 Piece LED Light Set?

Complete 360 degree visibility keeps you seen from all angles
Adjustable chest light illuminates paths and provides rear awareness
IPX5 weatherproof lights shine through rain, wind, snow and more
Hands-free convenience for night running, walking, biking and dog walking
Easy-clip safety lights attach to clothes, bikes, strollers, leashes, and more
Long-lasting runtimes up to 5 hours per charge, hours on batteries
Durable lights withstand active outdoor use
Compact and lightweight design travels anywhere
Choose from black, yellow, pink, blue and green color options
Designed for versatility – use while running, dog walking, cycling, strolling and more
One-year warranty and U.S. based customer support
Stay visible and safe during all your favorite nighttime activities with the AVANTO 2 Piece LED Light Set. Order today to illuminate your next after-dark adventure!


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