Show Your Pooch Some Love with These Pawsome Personalized Dog Tags!



Is your pup your pride and joy? Do you want to make sure they’re stylish while also keeping them safe if they ever get lost? Look no further than these adorable personalized dog tags from Artinst!

Durable, Long-Lasting and Non-Toxic

These dog tags are crafted from high-quality, durable metal that’s designed to last. Unlike some cheaper pet tags that can irritate your dog’s skin or degrade over time, Artinst only uses non-toxic materials so you can have peace of mind knowing these tags are safe for your furry friend to wear.

Custom Laser Engraving for Important Info

The back of each tag can be professionally laser engraved with up to 5 lines of text, with 20 characters per line. This allows you to include all the essential details – your dog’s name, your name and phone number, their microchip number, even a short message! The engraving ensures the text is crisp and clear so your pooch can be easily identified and returned safely if they ever get separated from you.

Polished Mirror Surfaces with Paw Print Detail

These dog tags aren’t just practical, they’re fashionable too! The front of each tag has a high polished mirror finish that gleams, along with a raised paw print design. You can choose from 10 brilliant colors including pink, blue, purple, red, green and more. There’s sure to be a perfect match for your pup’s personality and style.

The Perfect Size for Small and Medium Dogs

Measuring approximately 1.06 x 1.14 inches, these dog tags are suited for small to medium sized pets weighing 10 – 45 pounds. The compact shape and size ensures they’re large enough to engrave sufficient details but won’t overwhelm tiny pups. If you have a larger dog over 45 pounds, check out Artinst’s bigger dog tag options.

Simple & Convenient Ordering Process

Getting your custom engraved dog tags is easy! Just click the “Customize Now” button and you’ll be able to type in exactly what you want engraved on the tag. Remember each line can be up to 20 characters. Once your engraving is perfect, complete checkout and your unique dog tag will be crafted and delivered within just a few days!

Reasons to Choose Custom Dog Tags from Artinst:

  • Non-toxic, durable metal construction designed to last
  • Professionally engraved with your custom text for clear identification
  • Unique paw print design in your choice of 10 colors
  • Ideal size for small and medium dogs weighing 10 – 45 lbs
  • Convenient online ordering and fast shipping
  • Great way to show off your pup’s name and personality!

Keep Your Pup Safe with Stylish Identification

Our pets hold a special place in our hearts. We never want to be separated! Ensuring your pooch has proper ID tags is one of the best things you can do as a pet parent. Artinst makes the process fun, easy and affordable!

With custom engraved dog tags from Artinst, your furry friend will look oh-so-cute while also staying protected. The engraved information on the back provides peace of mind that your pup can be identified and returned safely if you’re ever apart.

For small and medium sized dogs up to 45lbs, these tags are the pawfect accessory. The polished, mirror finish shines with the decorative paw print adding a stylish touch. With 10 colors to choose from, you can match your dog’s personality and style.

How to Order Your Artinst Personalized Dog Tags:

Ordering takes just a few simple steps:

  1. Click the “Customize Now” button to begin
  2. Use up to 5 lines with 20 characters per line to engrave your dog’s details
  3. Choose your preferred tag color
  4. Complete secure checkout
  5. Your custom dog tag will ship quickly!

Once your order is complete, our team gets to work crafting your tag. We ensure the engraved information is accurate so your pup has proper ID. Soon you’ll receive your package and can excitedly attach the tag to your dog’s collar for the perfect finishing touch.

With Artinst’s personalized dog tags, you can combine safety and style for your furry best friend. Keep your precious pup protected while also showing off their adorable name and personality. Your dog brings you endless love and joy, so give them some love back with a custom ID tag that’s as unique as they are!


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