Say No To Pulling with The BEAUTYZOO Small Plaid Dog Harness and Leash Set



Is your energetic pup constantly pulling on walks? Do you dread going on walks because your dog is choking itself or straining its neck from all the pulling? We feel your pain. Walks with dogs should be fun and relaxing, not a constant battle. That’s why we created the BEAUTYZOO Small Plaid Dog Harness and Leash Set.

This ingenious set is designed to stop your dog’s pulling while keeping them comfortable and secure. The vest-style harness distributes pressure across your dog’s chest and shoulders, preventing choking, coughing, and neck strain. The sturdy handle gives you complete control on walks, so your dog has no choice but to heel. And the bright plaid fabric and reflective strips keep your pup visible at night.

Walks will be pleasurable again with this brilliant no pull dog harness and leash combo!

Key Features

  • Chest girth size: 14.5″ – 16″
  • Leash length: 5ft with 0.3″ diameter
  • Step-in vest harness distributes pressure evenly
  • Dual leash attachment rings on back
  • Buckle and hook-and-loop fasteners keep secure
  • Breathable mesh fabric for comfort
  • Reflective strips for visibility
  • Padded handle on leash for control
  • 360° swivel bolt snap hook prevents tangling

Say Goodbye to Walk-Time Frustrations

Walking your dog should be an enjoyable time to bond and get exercise together. But when your pooch is constantly pulling, walks become a dreaded chore. All the jerking and tugging ruins the experience for both you and your pup.

You’ve probably tried other no pull harnesses and leads, only to have your dog continue choking itself. The problem is most harnesses don’t properly distribute pressure, so your dog feels constrained when you pull back. This makes them want to pull even more!

Our innovative BEAUTYZOO harness and leash combo gently discourages pulling by transferring pressure to your dog’s chest and shoulders. This minimizes choking while giving you complete control via the padded handle. Your pup will quickly learn that not pulling is the only way to keep walks comfortable.

Customized Fit for Ultimate Comfort

A secure fit is crucial for an anti pull dog harness. If it’s too loose, your dog can wiggle out. Too tight, and it will chafe and restrict movement. Our design solves both issues.

The step-in vest harness is fully adjustable at the chest and neck for a customized fit. The breathable mesh fabric further prevents chafing. Freedom of movement keeps your pup comfy on lengthy strolls. And the buckle and hook-and-loop fasteners ensure the harness stays on securely.

Your dog will barely notice it’s wearing our innovative harness! Yet the snug fit gives you complete control over pulling.

Even Pressure Distribution Stops Straining

Choking and neck strain from pulling can harm your dog’s trachea and spine over time. That’s why even pressure distribution is so important in an anti pull harness.

Our vest design disperses force evenly across your dog’s chest and shoulders. When they pull, the harness gently tightens like a hug rather than choking the neck. This stops your dog from straining itself while discouraging pulling.

The dual leash attachment rings give added control. Clip the lead to the front O-ring for minimal pulling or the back D-ring for complete control. Your dog will quickly learn not to pull when pressure is applied.

Total Visibility for Evening Safety

Don’t cut your strolls short just because the sun is going down. The BEAUTYZOO dog harness and leash set keeps you both visible in low light conditions. No more worrying about hazards you can’t see on evening walks!

The reflective strips on the harness perfectly catch light from headlights, streetlamps, and other sources. And the illuminated threading woven through the leash material glows brightly at night. Drivers will easily spot you no matter how dark it gets.

The bright plaid fabric on the harness also enhances visibility. Now you can safely enjoy after-dinner strolls year-round!

Take Control of Walks Again!

If your dog’s pulling is making walks unpleasant, the BEAUTYZOO no pull dog harness and leash set is the solution. The ingenious vest harness gently discourages pulling by distributing pressure across your dog’s chest and shoulders to prevent choking and strain. Your pup will quickly learn that not pulling keeps walks comfortable!

Regain control of your dog and joy in walking with this brilliant combo. Order the BEAUTYZOO small dog harness and leash set today and say goodbye to pull-filled walks for good!


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