Reveal Stains in an Instant with COSMOING’s Powerful 5W 395nm Ultraviolet Flashlight



Have you ever wondered how hotel staff identify all those secret stains in their rooms? Or how forensic investigators uncover counterfeit cash and invisible ink? The answer is simple – they use an ultraviolet flashlight like the COSMOING 395nm Penlight.

This compact 5.47 inch blacklight packs a punch, emitting 395nm UV rays to make even the faintest stains, marks, and residues glow bright white. Pet urine, scorpion trails, fake money, and much more are easily spotted in an instant.

The COSMOING UV flashlight is adjustable, with a focusable head that concentrates the beam into a tight circle or spreads it out wide. Wherever those sneaky stains hide, this flashlight will sniff them out.

Revolutionary Design Makes Inspection Easy

Weighing just 1.12 ounces, the COSMOING flashlight is featherlight and easy to handle. An anti-slip grip ensures you won’t drop it at that critical moment of revelation. The rugged, waterproof aluminum-alloy body will withstand years of use.

Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included), this flashlight provides hours of operation at the press of a button. An IP54 rating means it’s protected from dust, spills, and splashes – perfect for outdoor inspections.

Detects Much More Than Meets the Eye

The uses for this UV penlight are nearly endless:

  • Find pet stains on carpets, floors, and furniture
  • Uncover scorpions with the glowing trails left by their feet
  • Identify counterfeit currency, stamps, tickets
  • Reveal erased writing, invisible ink
  • Pinpoint leaks, mold, ring-around-the-collar
  • Spot urine, semen, and other forensic evidence
  • Check for bed bugs in crevices and seams

It can even be used as a nail drying tool or to charge glow-in-the-dark items! Kids will have a blast illuminating their rooms with invisible ink drawings and secret messages.

The professional-quality 395nm wavelength works on most stains – even better than cheaper 365nm UV lights.

Buy with Confidence from COSMOING

COSMOING provides excellent customer service and support should you have any issues with your new flashlight. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Inside the package you’ll find:

  • 1x COSMOING 395nm UV Flashlight
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Service Card

Don’t wait to uncover all those hidden stains in your home, office, or crime scenes. Order the COSMOING 5W Ultraviolet Flashlight today and shed light on the unknown!


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