Reveal Hidden Stains and Secret Messages with the COSMOING LED Ultraviolet Flashlight



Do you ever wonder what’s really lurking invisibly on surfaces around your home? Pet accidents, food spills, suspicious documents – so many stains and secrets are invisible to the naked eye. But with the COSMOING 395nm UV Flashlight, you’ll be equipped to easily detect pesky intruders and hidden marks. This versatile tool shines an ultraviolet light that illuminates stains and writing that regular light can’t show.

Pinpoint Pet Stains for Targeted Cleaning

Pets often leave behind “surprises” that you can’t see in natural light. Avoid excessive steam cleaning of carpets when you can use the COSMOING UV light to reveal specific soiled areas. Just shine the light over carpeting, upholstery, and bedding to spot exactly where your furry friends have had accidents. Once stains are identified, you can clean only the affected spots. This saves time, effort, and money while still effectively removing pet messes.

The 3W LED in this lightweight pen-style flashlight is strong enough to make urine, feces, vomit, and other organic stains from dogs, cats, and small pets fluoresce brightly. No need to get down on hands and knees sniffing suspect areas. Let the revealing beam lead you right to every hidden stain.

Expose Counterfeits and Altered Documents

Do you ever wonder if cash, IDs, and important paperwork you handle are authentic and unaltered? Government agencies and financial institutions use ultraviolet light to detect fake bills, visas, passports, and doctored legal documents. With the COSMOING UV flashlight, you can use the same technology.

Shine the 395nm UV light on paper money to check for security strip fluorescence and other signs of legitimate currency. Passports and driver’s licenses also contain hidden ultraviolet markings and designs that are only visible under the special LED light. Questionable receipts, contracts, checks, event tickets or other important items can be examined for erased, covered, or amended text that’s hard to identify under regular illumination.

Find Scorpions, Minerals, and Other Fluorescing Objects

The applications for ultraviolet light extend beyond forensic document analysis and pet stain detection. When exploring the outdoors, a UV flashlight helps scorpion hunters spot the glowing arachnids. Rock hounds use shortwave illumination to identify minerals and gemstones.

Leaking automotive fluids like oil and antifreeze can also be located exactly when they glow under UV light but are invisible to the naked eye. Even something as enjoyable as creating novelty effects with highlighter ink comes to life with a blacklight flashlight.

The versatility of the COSMOING UV light means it’s useful for camping, auto maintenance, science projects, parties, and any time you need to reveal what is not normally visible.

Discreet, Durable and Easy to Operate

Measuring just 5.4 inches long and weighing only 1.12 ounces, the COSMOING UV flashlight is extremely portable for everyday carry. Two AAA batteries (not included) provide hours of operation. The compact penlight design fits easily in a pocket or purse.

Despite the small size, the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body ensures ruggedness. The flashlight is skid-proof, waterproof, explosion-proof, and shockproof. It’s built to withstand rugged outdoor use. An IP54 rating means it resists dust and splashing water from any direction.

Operation is easy with the intuitive push button on/off switch located on the tailcap. Simply press once for on and again for off. No need to cycle through modes – the 395nm UV light is always ready when needed.

The front bezel focuses the beam for a tight hotspot or wider floodlighting. Zoom from pinpoint accuracy to full illumination of larger areas. With UV safety glasses (available separately), you can visually see exactly where the UV light is shining.

Surprising Versatility in a Package

The COSMOING LED ultraviolet flashlight provides surprising functionality given its small size. Yet it comes neatly presented in a box ready for gifting. Or keep it on hand for your own unexpected investigative needs and hidden stain detective work.

Inside the package you’ll find:

COSMOING 3W 395nm UV LED Flashlight
User Manual
Service Card
Power up your “CSI skills” and/or make cleaning chores easier with this versatile UV blacklight. See what amazing secrets it illuminates around your home or outdoors today!


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