Ratzo the Super Fun Critter Refill for Your Cat’s Favorite Fishing Pole Toy



Does your cat go crazy chasing and pouncing on toy mice and critters? Do they love playing with fishing pole style cat toys, batting around little toy attachments on the end of a string? If so, we have the purrfect refill critter for you – meet Ratzo!

Ratzo is a super fun and realistic looking rat shaped critter designed specifically as a refill for cat fishing pole style wand toys. Simply clip him onto the end of your Cat Dancer, Cat Charmer, Cat Frenzy or Da Bird wand and watch your kitty go wild trying to catch this life-like little rodent. Ratzo looks and moves so realistically that your cat will be convinced there’s a juicy rat to hunt down and pounce on right in your living room!

Ratzo is made of soft, stuffed fabric with faux fur that looks just like real rat fur. His tail and ears are stitched for extra durability so they can withstand all your cat’s biting and bunny kicks during play. And he has a sturdy clip and ring attachment so you can easily fix him to the end of any standard cat fishing pole wand toy.

Watch your feline hunter stalk, pounce and play with this critter catch just like they would with a real rodent! Ratzo looks and moves so realistically that it triggers your cat’s natural prey drive for chasing and hunting. This is the perfect interactive cat toy for:

  • Kittens – helps build pouncing and chasing skills
  • High energy cats – burn off extra energy and prevent boredom
  • Senior cats – provides low impact exercise
  • Indoor cats – satisfies natural hunting instincts
  • Overweight cats – encourages activity and exercise

The best part about Ratzo? He’s a refill! No need to buy a whole new cat fishing pole wand when just the critter toy gets worn out. Simply unclip him from the line and replace him with a fresh new Ratzo refill. It helps you get more mileage out of cat fishing pole toys and saves you money.

Ratzo is proudly made in the USA with globally sourced materials. Safety tested for use around pets and children. Approximate dimensions: 3.5″ L x 1.5″ W x 1″ H. Fits most standard cat wand toys designed for clip-on attachments.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you’re not completely thrilled with Ratzo, return him within 30 days for a full refund.

Over 12,000 happy cats and owners agree – Ratzo is the most realistic and fun cat critter refill for interactive fishing pole style toys. Make playtime more exciting and order your Ratzo refill today! Your furry hunter will thank you.

Ratings & Reviews

Here’s what other cat parents have to say about Ratzo:

“This rat refill is pure catnip gold! My cat goes NUTS attacking and biting it. She carries it around, hides it, finds it again. Definitely triggers her inner hunter. Plus I can reuse my Da Bird wand and just buy new Ratzos. Love it!” – Amanda R.

“Ratzo is my cat’s favorite toy ever. He bats it, chases it, and wrestles with it for hours! I can really tell it sparks his natural instincts to stalk pray. Best cat toy purchase I’ve made.” – Lucas T.

“I have 3 kitties and they all love playing with Ratzo. They take turns carrying him around, tossing him up in the air. And the fishing pole toy keeps them active and exercising. I’m buying more Ratzos to have as refills. Highly recommend!” – Sasha P.

Don’t wait, order your Ratzo critter refill today and make your cat’s playtime more fun!


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