Never Worry About Feeding Your Cat Again with This Game-Changing Automatic Feeder!



As a cat owner, you want to make sure your furry friend is happy, healthy, and well-fed. But let’s be honest – it can be a hassle to remember to feed them at the same times every single day. That’s why we created the Ciays Automatic Cat Feeder – the revolutionary way to feed your cat on a schedule so you never have to worry about it again!

With 6 personalized feeding times per day, this feeder allows you to customize your cat’s meal schedule down to the minute. Simply program in up to 6 different times throughout the day that work for your schedule, and the feeder will automatically rotate and dispense the pre-portioned food at each preset time. No more racing home at lunch to feed kitty or waking up early on weekends to serve breakfast. This feeder has got you covered, giving your cat meals at all their usual times even when you’re not there!

The large capacity holds up to 4L of dry food, enough to serve multiple cats or make fewer refills. It dispenses adjustable portion sizes from 1 to 20 portions per meal, with each portion around 8g. This allows you to fine-tune the ideal serving size to match your cat’s age, activity level, and weight management goals. No more free-feeding and overeating!

With an extra-wide chute that accommodates kibble up to 15mm in diameter, this feeder works for most dry cat foods. From tiny kitten kibble to large breed adult chunks, this chute can handle it. The BPA-free plastic construction and stainless steel bowl are durable and easy to clean too. Just pop the bowl in the dishwasher occasionally to keep it fresh.

Monitoring food levels is a breeze thanks to the transparent window on the hopper. It allows you to see when the food is running low so you can refill before it runs out completely. The built-in low food alarm also alerts you when it’s time to restock. Just hit the “Return” button to reset the alarm once you’ve refilled with your cat’s favorite food.

No need to worry about power outages or accidentally unplugging the feeder either. The built-in battery provides backup power for up to 30 days so your cat’s schedule stays on track. The feeder remembers all your programmed meal times and portions, distributing food as usual even when the power is out.

But our favorite feature has to be the personalized 10-second meal call recordings. Just press and hold the record button to record a short audio clip in your voice that will play when each mealtime starts. Hearing your familiar voice call them to eat makes mealtimes more exciting and enticing for shy or picky cats. You can re-record the messages anytime you want to change things up.

With so many features to make feedings effortless for you and your cat, this feeder is a game changer. No more struggling to stick to a rigid feeding schedule or relying on neighbors to feed your cat when you’re away. This feeder delivers meals on a timely schedule tailored to your cat’s needs.

Stop stressing over feeding your cat and simplify mealtimes with the Ciays Automatic Cat Feeder today!

Key Features:

  • Programs up to 6 personalized feeding times per day
  • Dispenses adjustable portion sizes from 1-20 portions per meal
  • Holds up to 4L of dry food – enough for multiple cats
  • Accommodates kibble up to 15mm in diameter
  • BPA-free plastic construction + stainless steel bowl
  • Low food alarm alerts you when it’s time to refill
  • 30-day battery backup keeps feeder running during power outages
  • Record 10-second personalized meal call messages in your voice
  • Transparent window makes monitoring food levels easy
  • Dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowl for easy cleaning

Customizable Meal Schedule for Your Cat’s Needs

As cat owners, we know every cat has their own unique schedule and feeding needs. Unlike humans who eat meals at roughly the same times each day, your cat may prefer to eat smaller meals spaced throughout the day. And their ideal schedule often doesn’t align neatly with yours.

This automatic feeder solves scheduling problems by allowing you to fully customize up to 6 mealtimes to match your cat’s needs. The flexible programming means you can feed Kitty breakfast at 7 AM on weekdays and let them sleep in on weekends with a 10 AM brunch. Got a cat who likes an early evening snack? Simply set one of the mealtimes for 5 PM to distribute a small snack portion.

With so many customizable options, you can tailor this feeder to your cat’s unique routine instead of disrupting it. Their accustomed schedule will continue seamlessly, even without you there to serve each meal.

Portion Control for Weight Management

Obesity is a growing problem for our furry friends, with nearly 60% of cats classified as overweight or obese. Free-feeding from a constantly full bowl of food can lead to overeating and weight gain over time. That’s where the portion control feature of this feeder comes in handy!

You can program each mealtime to distribute between 1 and 20 portions, with each portion around 8g depending on kibble size and density. Start with the recommended food amounts based on your cat’s weight and adjust as needed to achieve their ideal body condition.

The pre-portioning dispenses smaller, controlled meals instead of allowing your cat to gorge the entire contents of their bowl at once. This measured approach helps prevent overeating while still providing all the nutrition they need in the right amounts.

Consider this feeder an easy solution to stop free-feeding and manage your cat’s weight through healthy portion sizes. It takes the temptation to overeat out of the equation!

Reliable During Power and Connection Issues

Technology is great when it works – but incredibly frustrating when something goes wrong. To avoid problems, the Ciays Automatic Cat Feeder comes prepared for potential power and connection issues.

The built-in battery provides a backup power supply to keep the feeder dispensing meals even if electricity goes out. It holds enough charge to run the feeder for up to 30 days. That means short-term power outages won’t disrupt your cat’s feeding schedule at all.

The feeder also remembers your programmed schedule and portions even if it gets accidentally unplugged or turned off. As soon as power is restored, it will pick back up right on time, never missing a beat. You don’t have to re-program the settings or times, saving you a major hassle.

With rock-solid reliability and internal backup power, you never have to worry about this feeder stopping due to technical difficulties. Come rain or shine, power outage or accidental unplugging, this feeder has fail-safes in place to keep your cat fed on time.

Monitors Food Supply with Handy Alerts

Running completely out of cat food in an automatic feeder can spell disaster. That’s why this feeder has two handy ways to monitor food supply and alert you when it’s time to refill.

First, the transparent window on the hopper/reservoir lets you visually inspect the food level at any time. You can see how much is left and estimate how long it will last before needing a refill.

For even more convenience, the low food alarm provides an alert when supply is dwindling. Once the food reaches a preset low point, the alarm will activate to remind you to replenish. Simply press the Return button to deactivate the alarm after adding more food.

With the window for quick visual checks and the alarm for automated notices, you’ll always know when more food needs to be added. It eliminates the risk of the feeder unexpectedly running empty when Kitty is counting on it to serve their scheduled meals.

Entices Picky Cats with Familiar Voice

The sound of their owner’s voice is one of the most reassuring, exciting things for a cat. It signals safety, affection, and often – food! That’s why the personalized meal call recordings can make mealtimes more enticing.

The 10-second audio clips you record will automatically play at each feeding time you set. Hearing your familiar voice enthusiastically call them to eat makes cats more eager to approach the feeder. This is extremely helpful for shy, fearful, or picky cats who may hesitate to try new objects like an automatic feeder.

Since the recordings are customizable, you can get creative and change the message whenever you want. Some ideas are:

“Lily, time to eat!”

“Come and get it!”

“[Meow sound] Dinner’s ready!”

“Let’s eat, Ollie!”

Hearing you call them by name and using an excited, happy tone will pique their interest and make them more comfortable approaching the feeder. What better way to convince a picky cat than with their favorite human’s voice?

Simplify Your Life with Automated Feedings

As much as we love our feline companions, remembering to feed them multiple scheduled meals every single day can be challenging in our busy lives. It often means interrupting your workflow, rushing home, or asking neighbors for help when you’re away. But this handy automatic feeder makes it possible to outsource your cat’s entire feeding routine.

Once you program the mealtimes and portions based on your cat’s needs, the feeder completely takes over. No more worrying about running late to feed your cat or disrupting their diet when you go on vacation. The feeder sticks to the schedule with reliable precision.

Free up time spent topping off food bowls and cleaning up leftovers multiple times a day. Those small disruptions add up, making it hard to stay focused and productive. Let this feeder handle meal dispensing so you can improve your own schedule and focus.

With such an advanced automatic feeder now available, there’s no need to stress over your cat’s feeding routine anymore. It’s time to relax and let technology take the work off your plate!


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