Make Medication Time Stress-Free with Chicken Flavored Pill Pockets for Dogs



Is medication time a struggle in your home? Does your dog run and hide when they see you coming with their pills or capsules? You’re not alone! Many pet parents have trouble getting their dogs to take medication willingly. But now there’s an easy solution – Covetrus Pill Pals Pill Pockets for Dogs!

These soft, chewable pill pockets are specially designed to make giving your dog medication easy and stress-free. Simply place your dog’s pill or capsule inside the pliable pocket and they’ll gobble it right up! Your dog will think they’re getting a tasty chicken-flavored treat, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’ve taken their medicine.

Soft Texture and Palatable Chicken Flavor Dogs Love

Covetrus Pill Pals have a soft, chewy texture that dogs find irresistible. They are made with real chicken liver to entice picky pups and provide a strong chicken aroma dogs love. The chicken flavor masks the taste of medication so your dog enjoys taking their pills. No more fighting to get your dog to swallow their medicine!

Eliminates Common Allergens Like Beef, Pork, Corn & Soy

These pill pockets are designed for dogs with sensitive stomachs. They are formulated without common allergens like beef, pork, corn and soy. You can feel confident giving these pill treats to dogs with food allergies or intolerance. They also don’t contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Made in the USA with Rigorous Quality & Safety Standards

Covetrus Pill Pals are proudly made in the United States, not overseas. They are produced in cGMP certified facilities that uphold strict standards for quality and safety. Only premium ingredients are used and each batch is tested for quality assurance. You can trust these pill pockets are safe for regular use with your dog.

Convenient Pill Pockets Make Medication Administration Easy

Tired of struggling to hide pills in peanut butter or cheese? Covetrus Pill Pals offer a more convenient, fool-proof solution. Their malleable texture makes it simple to mold the pocket around any size pill or capsule. Large pills and capsules can be easily concealed in the 7.4 ounce bag. No mess, no stress for you or your dog!

Customer Reviews

See what fellow pet parents have to say about Covetrus Pill Pals Pill Pockets for Dogs:

“These pill pockets are a game changer. My dog would never take her medication before and now she gobbles it up in these chicken treats. I don’t have to stress about pills anymore!” – Sarah M.

“I have a very picky eater so I was skeptical, but she LOVES the chicken flavor of these pill pockets. Medication time is no longer a wrestling match!” – Michael P.

“So much easier than shoving a pill down my dog’s throat. Just mold the pocket around the pill and you’re done. She thinks it’s just a treat.” – Amanda D.


Flavor: Chicken Liver
Texture: Soft and chewable
Size: 7.4 ounce bag
Ingredients: Chicken liver, chicken broth, maltodextrin, glycerin, sodium alginate, purified water, natural flavor, mixed tocopherols.
Free of common allergens: No beef, pork, corn, soy or artificial ingredients
Made in USA in cGMP certified facilities

Give Your Dog Their Medication Stress-Free

Stop dreading medication time with your dog. Covetrus Pill Pals Pill Pockets make giving pills and capsules easy and anxiety-free. Their soft texture and mouthwatering chicken flavor disguise medication so your dog enjoys taking it. Eliminate common allergens with these pork, corn and soy-free pill pockets. Made in the USA, you can trust their rigorous quality and safety standards. Order a bag today and take the stress out of medicating your pup!


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