Let Your Feline Wield The Power of Thor with This Awesome Breakaway Cat Collar



Unleash your cat’s inner thunder god with this epic Buckle-Down Marvel Thor Breakaway Cat Collar! This colorful collar allows your favorite furry friend to harness the strength and power of the mighty Thor while still being safe and secure.

Officially Licensed Marvel Design with Stunning Artwork

This collar features original and vibrant artwork of Thor’s iconic hammer, Mjolnir. The bold red, yellow, and white colors and unique design will help your cat stand out from the crowd. As an officially licensed Marvel product, you can trust that the artwork and details are authentic to the superhero universe.

Durable Yet Flexible Materials

Constructed from high-density polyester webbing and a sturdy plastic clip, this collar is made to last through all your cat’s grand adventures. The flexible webbing provides comfort while the thick plastic clip has been over-engineered to withstand pull force. Your cat can freely explore, play, and patrol while staying stylish and secure.

Breakaway Feature Adds Safety

A breakaway cat collar is an essential for any cat owner! This collar includes a patented breakaway buckle that will release with just the right amount of force. If the collar gets snagged while your cat is playing or exploring, the buckle will detach to prevent choking or injury. Once you reattach the buckle, the collar is ready for more action.

Adjustable Size from 8 to 12 Inches

The collar is adjustable from 8 to 12 inches to accommodate most cat sizes and neck shapes. Just use the slider piece to loosen or tighten until you find the perfect fit for your cat. Regardless of your cat’s age or breed, this collar will provide them with a comfortable, personalized fit.

Matches with Leads and Leashes

For even more Marvel fun, check out the matching Thor cat leads and leashes available from Buckle-Down! Pair this collar with a leash for stylish walks and outings with your little hero.

Vibrant, Unique Style

In a sea of basic cat collars, this Thor design allows your cat to express their bold and vibrant personality. The bright colors and bold Marvel artwork will make your cat the talk of the town on their neighborhood patrols. Leave boring solid color collars behind and unlock your cat’s superhero spirit!

Handcrafted with Care in the USA

Buckle-Down takes pride in handcrafting all their collars, leashes, and accessories in the USA. Skilled craftsmen inspect each component and collar to ensure long-lasting quality and durability. When you buy from Buckle-Down, you support small businesses and workers right here at home.

Versatile Size for Growing Kittens or Adult Cats

The adjustable 8 to 12-inch sizing makes this collar ideal for most breeds and ages. Fit growing kittens comfortably and adjust the collar as they become full-grown adults. Large and small cats alike can strut their stuff in Thor style.

Trusted Brand Known for Pop Culture Collars

With licenses for brands like Marvel, Disney, Nintendo, and more, Buckle-Down is THE go-to name in pop culture pet fashion. They offer collars, leashes, hats, bandanas, toys, and more featuring your favorite characters and icons. When you want to show off your pet’s passion, check out Buckle-Down first!

Adorn your beloved cat in the spirit of the God of Thunder with the Buckle-Down Marvel Thor Breakaway Cat Collar! With vibrant design, safety features, and durability, your cat will feel comfortable, secure, and heroically stylish. Act now and harness the power with this must-have Marvel accessory.


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