Keep Your Pup Safe and Stylish with the Babole Pet AirTag Dog Collar



Is your furry friend prone to wandering off? Do you worry when they’re out of sight? The Babole Pet AirTag Dog Collar brings peace of mind by letting you track your pup’s location using Apple’s Find My app. Now you can give your dog stylish protection and yourself priceless security.

This adjustable nylon dog collar comes in 11 fun colors and 4 sizes to fit small, medium, and large breed dogs. The durable yet comfortable design includes a metal D-ring and buckle to attach your leash plus a separate loop for ID tags. Simply slide an AirTag into the thoughtfully designed pocket integrated on the collar so you can tap into Apple’s powerful finding network if your doggo goes on an adventure.

Keep Your Best Friend Safe from Getting Lost

Dogs love to explore new sights and smells on walks. But sometimes they wander too far or get distracted chasing critters. Before you know it, your pet has vanished around a corner or into the woods. Without a tracker, you have to frantically search everywhere and hope you find them quickly.

The Babole collar eliminates that panic with Apple AirTag integration. If your buddy slips their leash or wanders off at the dog park, pull out your iPhone and locate them in seconds. The Find My app shows your AirTag’s last location on a map. You can make the AirTag chime loudly to pinpoint your pup if they’re hiding nearby or use Precision Finding AR to follow an arrow directing you to their exact spot – even if they are further away.

Having an AirTag on your dog provides security if they manage to escape from your yard or kennel too. You’ll be able to track their path to find out where they slipped away and recover them quickly. No more posting lost dog flyers and hoping for the best!

Keep Tabs on Your Pup Anytime with the Find My App

The AirTag tracking works anywhere your iPhone has service, even if your dog is miles away. The vast Find My network of hundreds of millions of Apple devices can detect your AirTag’s Bluetooth signal if your dog gets lost out of your phone’s Bluetooth range. You’ll instantly get notified of your pet’s approximate location so you can rush to bring them home.

The Babole AirTag dog collar harnesses Apple’s innovative tracking technology to end worries about losing your four-legged family member. Now you can relax when your leashed dog begs to follow an intriguing scent into dense bushes or down a ravine on hikes. Let your dogs roam freely at the beach, dog park, or camping without constantly watching their every move.

You can even check your pet’s last known location at home if you haven’t seen them for a bit. The Find My app tells you if they are napping upstairs, hiding in the closet, or managed to sneak out the door unnoticed. There’s no need to wander around shouting their name!

Durable Design Provides Security and Comfort

While keeping your dog safe, the Babole AirTag collar also focuses on style and comfort. The attractive nylon collar has a classy look and comes in a spectrum of 11 vibrant colors like pink, red, blue, and green. Choose the perfect hue to complement your pup’s personality and style.

The durable nylon material is strong enough for constant wear and tear but doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. It’s adjustable from 10 to 24 inches long to fit dogs with necks sized X-Small up to Large. Get the proper fit to keep the collar securely in place but not too tight.

The sturdy yet lightweight buckle and D-ring give you confidence in its strength for attaching leashes and tags without breaking. The buckle’s curved design helps prevent pinching your dog’s skin when fastening it. And the separate loop provides a designated spot to connect an ID tag and secondary leash.

Peace of Mind with a Powerful, Precise Tracker

Why worry about losing track of your beloved dog when walks and playtime should be fun, relaxing experiences you share? The Babole Pet AirTag Dog Collar takes the stress out of adventures with your four-legged friend.

Get peace of mind knowing you have a powerful tracker with precise location finding capabilities integrated right on your dog’s collar. No need for a clunky separate tracking device. Simply secure an Apple AirTag in the thoughtfully designed pocket to tap into Apple’s innovative finding network.

Now you can enjoy every moment with your pup to the fullest, whether hiking new trails, romping at the dog park, or letting them explore the neighborhood. Relax knowing your dog has stylish protection that makes them easy to find if they ever wander too far. Bring confidence, security, and comfort to your furry companion with the Babole Pet AirTag Dog Collar today.


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