Keep Your Pup Cozy All Winter in the BEAUTYZOO Dog Fleece Vest Sweater



The cold weather is no match for your pup when they’re bundled up in the BEAUTYZOO Dog Fleece Vest Sweater. This high-quality fleece vest will keep your small or medium dog warm and comfy when temperatures drop.

Cozy Fleece Material Traps Heat to Keep Dogs Warm

Made from 100% polyester fleece, this doggie sweater traps your pup’s body heat close to their body to maintain a comfortable, warm temperature. The fleece material also keeps moisture out. Snow, sleet, rain, and wet ground won’t seep through to make your dog cold and wet.

The soft fleece feels gentle against your dog’s skin so they’ll stay cozy and warm all day long when playing or relaxing around the house or yard. The fleece material is also machine washable so you can keep it fresh and clean for repeated use.

Pullover Design Slips On and Off Easily

Getting your wiggly pup dressed for cold weather walks just got much easier thanks to the pullover design of this fleece vest. Simply slip it over your dog’s head and they’re ready to head out the door.

There are no tricky buttons, zippers, or velcro closures to fuss with. The pullover style also prevents any pinching or discomfort that can happen with velcro touching your dog’s fur.

The ribbed neckline provides a snug yet stretchy fit around your dog’s neck and won’t cause choking or discomfort. Your pup will stay warm and cozy without even noticing they have a sweater on!

D-Ring Back for Safe and Secure Leash Attachment

While your dog is wearing their new fleece sweater vest, you can securely attach their leash to one of the two D-rings sewn into the back. This provides a fixed point to clip their leash so they can’t wiggle out of it.

The vest has two sturdy D-rings rather than just one flimsy ring. This ensures reliable strength so you won’t have to worry about the attachment point breaking under pressure if your dog lunges or pulls. You can walk worry-free knowing your dog is secured safely.

Pick from 14 Trendy Colors

Available in 14 colors including neutrals like black, grey, navy and white plus bright pops of pink, purple, blue, red, orange, and green, you can find the perfect color to match your pup’s unique style and personality.

Mix and match their new fleece vest with their collar, leash, or other accessories for a stylish cold weather ensemble. Finding a fashionable and functional dog sweater just got much easier.

Perfect Fit for Small and Medium Dogs

These fleece vests come in a wide range of sizes from extra small to extra large to provide an ideal fit for most small and medium dog breeds. Refer to the size chart to measure your dog’s chest and choose the accurate size for maximum comfort and warmth.

We recommend selecting a size with a neck opening slightly larger than your dog’s head circumference. This ensures you can easily slip the pullover on and off without it getting stuck. Your dog will stay toasty without feeling constricted.

Why Choose the BEAUTYZOO Fleece Dog Vest?

  • Made from ultra soft, machine washable fleece to keep pups cozy
  • Moisture-wicking and insulating to retain body heat
  • Pullover design slips on easily with no tricky fasteners
  • Ribbed neckline for a comfy fit that won’t choke your dog
  • Two sturdy D-ring leash attachments on the back
  • Comes in 14 colorful options to match your dog’s style
  • Perfect sizing for small and medium dog breeds
  • Gently hugs your dog to trap warmth without constricting

Keep Your Best Friend Warm All Season Long

Don’t let cold weather keep your pup stuck indoors. They’ll stay warm and happy all winter long when you get them the BEAUTYZOO Dog Fleece Vest Sweater. Order today to get your dog ready for even the chilliest winter walks, playtime, and adventures.


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