Keep Your Furry Friends Safe and Entertained Outdoors with the Spacious Cat Tent from Pet Planet



As a cat owner, you want to make sure your feline friends can enjoy the great outdoors while staying safe and secure. That’s why Pet Planet designed the Cat Tent – the perfect portable enclosure that gives kitties ample space to play and relax outside.

With over 30 square feet of room, multiple cats or small pets can hang out together in this spacious tent. The generous interior lets them run, pounce, and explore without feeling cooped up. When naptime rolls around, they’ll have plenty of area to lounge and get comfy.

Roomy Interior Accommodates Multiple Cats

At 21.5 inches wide, the zippered entryway makes it easy to usher pets in and out of the tent. You’ll never have to wrestle with a narrow opening to get reluctant kitties inside. Both you and your cats will appreciate the hassle-free access.

Once inside, cats have enough area for playing chase, batting around toys, using the litter box, and more. There’s even space for cat trees, beds, food and water bowls to create a homey habitat.

When it’s time to add another furry friend to the family, no problem! The Pet Planet Cat Tent has room to spare for a new companion.

Portable & Easy to Set Up Anywhere

Lightweight and compact, this outdoor cat enclosure sets up in seconds wherever you need it. At home, place it on a deck, patio, or yard so your cats can bask in the sun and fresh air. The durable tent frame keeps its shape in windy conditions. For extra stability, use the included stakes to secure it to the ground.

When camping or traveling with pets, you can bring the fun along. The foldable design collapses into a convenient carrying case. Find a scenic spot, unpack the tent, and create an instant outdoor oasis for your cats. No tools required for assembly!

Spend a day at the beach or park, and your kitties will have their own relaxing retreat. Set up is so quick and easy, you can provide an on-the-go habitat anywhere.

Provides Protection from Bugs, Predators & Elements

Letting cats outside comes with some risks, but this enclosure helps minimize them. The sturdy polyethylene cover shields pets from pesky insects. They can nap without flies or mosquitos disturbing them.

Potential predators like birds of prey and other wildlife are also deterred by the enclosed tent. Your cats can take in fresh air without the threat of larger animals disturbing their peace.

The weatherproof canopy protects against both sun and light rain. Cats have shade from harsh sunlight and stay dry if an unexpected shower passes. For complete protection from heavier rainfall, set up the tent under a covered patio or gazebo.

You can rest easy knowing your furry friends are safe from bugs, predators and bad weather inside the Pet Planet tent. Let them enjoy the outdoors without worrying about what’s lurking outside.

Pets Love the Privacy & Security

Unlike a fully exposed cat enclosure, this outdoor tent provides a hidden retreat. The enclosed design gives shy cats privacy and the security of being out of sight. They can observe the outdoors safely from inside the tent without feeling stressed by an open cage.

The mesh windows and door allow plenty of airflow and visibility. You can peek in and check on kitties while allowing them personal space. Cats feel peaceful and comfortable in their secluded, shaded play space.

For pets with anxiety, the enclosed tent helps them gradually get used to the outdoors. They can sit inside the shelter and watch the world around them at their own pace. Feeling protected helps build their confidence.

Easy to Keep Tent Clean & Sanitary

Since the tent contains messes, you won’t have to chase your cats around the yard with the hose! The water-resistant floor keeps the inside dry on damp grass. For extra protection, lay down a tarp or blankets you can toss in the wash.

Pet accidents on the floor are simple to clean. Just use soap and water or pet-safe cleaners. And you can sanitize the washable cover in your home laundry machine.

To manage cat hair and dander, take the cover off periodically and shake it out or use a lint roller. Keeping the interior clean promotes good health, especially if cats have allergies.

Maintaining excellent hygiene standards is effortless with this well-designed cat enclosure!

Give Your Cats the Gift of the Great Outdoors

The Pet Planet Cat Tent is a must-have for enriching cats’ lives. They’ll be so much happier when they can bask in sunshine, watch birds, and breathe fresh air. You’ll love seeing them able to enjoy outdoor recreation in a protected area.

Whether for one cat or multiple, this spacious enclosure makes outdoor time safe and secure. Let your kitties thrive with new sights, sounds, and smells in the comfort of their own private nature retreat.

The easy portability means you can take the cat tent anywhere – at home or on road trips. Give your furry friends the gift of the great outdoors with Pet Planet!


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