Keep Your Floors Scratch-Free and Your Paws Protected with PAWZ Non-Slip Dog Socks



Is your energetic pup slipping and sliding across your hardwood floors? Are you worried about scratches being left behind on your beautiful floors and furniture? Look no further than PAWZ non-slip dog socks! These innovative socks help provide traction for pups on slick surfaces while also protecting your floors.

PAWZ non-slip dog socks are made of soft, stretchy cotton that contours to your dog’s paws for a comfortable, custom fit. The non-slip rubber grippers on the bottom of the socks help prevent sliding to reduce chances of injuries. The adjustable straps ensure the socks stay on even during active play. Now your floors can stay pristine while your dog plays safely.

Traction for Secure Playing Indoors and Outdoors

The non-slip rubber grippers on the PAWZ dog socks are shaped like paw prints to match your dog’s feet. This provides traction on smooth, hard surfaces like hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors. The grippers also work great outdoors on decks, patios, and sidewalks. Your dog will feel steady and secure romping and playing on slippery surfaces.

The soft cotton material and customizable fit ensures your dog stays comfortable while benefiting from the non-slip feature. PAWZ dog socks move with your dog like a second layer of fur. You won’t have to worry about chafing or rubbing that may come with other bootie-style dog socks.

Protect Floors and Furniture from Scratches

Dogs love to dash excitedly around your home, but their nails can end up leaving unsightly scratches on beautiful hardwood floors and furniture. PAWZ non-slip dog socks provide a buffer between those sharp nails and your floors.

The soft cotton helps cushion your dog’s paws, preventing scratches. You can relax knowing your floors will stay scratch-free even with an energetic, playful pup. Your dog can run and play with abandon without you having to worry about damage being left behind.

PAWZ dog socks also protect furniture like couches and beds from nail damage. Your dog can jump up on the furniture and cuddle without ruining the upholstery. No more unsightly snags and tears from those sharp nails.

Fits Comfortably Like a Second Layer of Fur

PAWZ dog socks are designed for comfort. They are made from soft, stretchy cotton that molds to your dog’s paws for a custom, contoured fit. The socks move seamlessly with your dog, unlike rigid dog booties that can rub and cause blisters.

The adjustable strap ensure the perfect fit. You can tighten or loosen as needed for stay-put security. Your dog will barely notice they are wearing the socks as they romp and play.

PAWZ dog socks are shaped like socks rather than full booties, so they allow your dog’s paws to breathe. There is no overheating or sweaty feet like there may be with solid dog boots. The breathable cotton keeps paws cool while still providing traction and protection.

Machine Washable for Repeated Use

PAWZ dog socks can be machine washed and dried so you can use them over and over. Simply remove the socks and throw them in the washing machine after outdoor use or when they get dirty.

The durable cotton material holds up well to repeated washings without falling apart. You get long-lasting use out of each pair of PAWZ dog socks.

Having multiple pairs of the dog socks allows you to easily replace them when one pair is in the wash. Your dog can always have traction and floor protection at their paws.

vet Approved for Sensitive Dog Paws

Some dogs suffer from skin allergies or sensitivities that make it difficult to find footwear that won’t further irritate their paws. PAWZ dog socks are veterinarian approved for dogs with sensitive skin.

The soft cotton is gentle on paws and won’t cause rubbing blisters. It is also hypoallergenic and free of harsh dyes. Even dogs with sensitivities can enjoy secure traction without messing up your floors.

The PAWZ Dog Socks Difference

Soft cotton construction provides cushioning and a custom contoured fit

Non-slip rubber grippers shaped like paw prints provide traction on slick floors

Adjustable straps ensure secure fitting that stays put

Protects floors and furniture from scratches

Allows paws to breathe unlike bulky dog booties

Machine washable for repeated use

Veterinarian approved for dogs with sensitivities

Give your energetic dog traction and security while keeping floors scratch-free with PAWZ non-slip dog socks. Protect those paws and your floors at the same time!


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