Keep Your Dog Safe and In Control with the DeziZeusK9 Biothane Heavy Duty Tactical Dog Leash



Introducing the ultimate heavy duty dog leash designed to give you total control and keep your dog safe in any situation – the DeziZeusK9 Biothane Tactical Dog Leash. This high quality leash is made with durable, waterproof biothane webbing coated in odor resistant PVC to create a strong, easy to clean, and long lasting dog lead perfect for working dogs, service dogs, and active pets.

Key Features:

  • Constructed with 3/4″ wide biothane webbing coated in waterproof, odor resistant PVC for maximum durability
  • Available in 3ft, 6ft and 10ft length options to suit your needs
  • Quick release locking carabiner clasp for easy on/off while wearing gloves
  • 360 degree swivel clip to prevent twisting and tangling
  • Loop handle gives you better control over even the strongest pullers
  • Durable metal leash ring to attach accessories
  • Tested to withstand over 1000lbs of pull force without damage

Walk Your Dog With Confidence and Control

Having complete control over your dog on walks is a must for both safety and proper leash manners training. With the DeziZeusK9 Tactical Dog Leash, you’ll enjoy walks more knowing your dog is secure.

The heavy duty biothane webbing makes this leash incredibly tough. It won’t stretch or deform even if your powerful puller tries to drag you. This gives you consistent control and leverage when paired with training collars.

The quick release carabiner clasp makes attaching and removing your dog’s leash fast and easy. Just clip and go. No more fiddling with hooks and loops. The smooth action also lets you hook your dog up even while wearing gloves.

With larger and more powerful dog breeds, having a sturdy handle loop can make all the difference in maintaining control. The DeziZeusK9 leash has an extra loop handle near the clasp so you can get a firm grip.

Waterproof, Odor Resistant, and Built to Last

Biothane is an innovative material that maintains its durability and performance in all conditions. The webbing won’t rot or mildew when wet. And the PVC coating prevents odors from absorbing into the leash so it stays fresh.

You can take your dog swimming or hike through brush and mud without damage or smells lingering. A simple wipe down keeps the DeziZeusK9 leash looking like new for years of reliable use.

No matter the weather or what your dog gets into, this leash will hold up. The heavy duty design survives the daily rigors of any active dog lifestyle.

Customize Your Lead for Better Control

The DeziZeusK9 Tactical Dog Leash includes a solid metal leash ring where you can attach accessories for better control and customized training:

  • Double Points Leash Clip – Attach two points/rings on your dog’s collar to prevent pulling and give you steering control over your dog’s movements.
  • Bungee Buffer – The elastic bungee absorbs sudden jerking movements from your dog to reduce strain on their neck.
  • Training Handle – Gives you a second handle further down the leash for more leverage and control during training sessions.

You can further customize the lead with colorful cord wraps and tubing to help identify your dog. The tubing also protects your hands from rope burn if your dog tries to bolt.

Available in Multiple Sizes to Suit Any Dog

The DeziZeusK9 Tactical Dog Leash comes in your choice of 3ft, 6ft, or 10ft options:

  • 3ft Leash – Great for crowded urban areas. Keeps your dog close by your side and easier to control.
  • 6ft Leash – Allows your dog more freedom to explore but still keeps them within reach. Ideal for loose leash training.
  • 10ft Leash – Gives your dog room to move about and play while maintaining your connection. Perfect for wide open areas.

With 3 sizes, you can pick the right leash based on your environment, training needs, and preferences. And know your dog will stay secure.

The leash is suitable for use with any size or breed. The durable biothane webbing construction handles dogs up to 150 lbs without concern.

You’ll Love Walking Your Dog Again

Stop struggling with flimsy retail leashes that stretch and fail. The DeziZeusK9 Tactical Dog Leash was designed by professional dog trainers to give you maximum control, customization, and strength.

Your dog will respect and respond better to the consistent, clear direction this leash provides. No more lunging or pulling – just a well behaved companion staying by your side.

The quick release clasp makes getting out the door faster so you’ll take your dog on more walks and adventures.

With the odor resistant PVC coating, there’s no more smelly leash sitting by the door reminding you of yesterday’s mud puddle exploits.

Order the DeziZeusK9 Biothane Tactical Dog Leash today and experience hassle-free fun walks and better trained leash manners with your dog! We stand behind the quality with a satisfaction guarantee.

Technical Specifications:

  • Length: 3ft, 6ft, and 10ft options
  • Width: 3/4 inch
  • Materials: Biothane webbing, PVC coating, metal hardware
  • Breaking strength: Over 1000 lbs pull force
  • One year warranty against manufacturer defects


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