Keep Your Canine Companions Safe and Secure in the Car with the AUTOWT Double Dog Seat Belt



Taking your furry friends along for the ride just got safer and easier with the AUTOWT Double Dog Seat Belt. This innovative product provides a secure restraint system to protect your pets while travelling in vehicles.

Designed for convenience and comfort, the AUTOWT seat belt attaches easily and quickly to your existing headrests. The adjustable strap circles the headrest pillar and secures with a sturdy, lockable quick release buckle to keep it firmly in place. This prevents the strap from slipping or opening unintentionally, so you can drive with confidence knowing your dogs are properly secured.

The seat belt features a heavy-duty 360° swivel clip that connects to your dogs’ harness or collar and allows them to move freely without tangling. The rotating design eliminates twisting and knots, so your dogs can sit, stand, lie down and look out the window while staying safe and under control in the back seat. No more distracted driving or pulling over to untangle messy leashes!

Constructed with strong elastic bungee cords inside the straps, the AUTOWT seat belt stretches and retracts to comfortably accommodate your dogs’ movements. The adjustable strap length ranges from 18 to 32 inches, while the headrest loop is 16 to 24 inches long. This allows you to custom fit the seat belt for the perfect amount of movement without restricting your pets.

The elastic bungee also absorbs sudden jerking motions, keeping your dogs from jolting or whipping in the event of sharp turns or stops. The smooth, steady tension greatly reduces pulling, twisting injuries, and pressure on your dogs’ necks that traditional leashes can cause. Your pets will enjoy the ride even more without choking or gagging from collar tension.

Don’t be fooled by flimsy generic pet seat belts – the AUTOWT is made of durable nylon material with top-quality stitching and components that withstand rigorous use. Designed for two medium or large breed dogs up to 110 lbs total, this seat belt is built to last through countless road trips.

The reflective accents on the strap provide increased visibility and safety for night time driving. Surrounding vehicles can easily see your restrained pets, helping prevent dangerous accidents or collisions.

Walking your dogs just got easier too with the versatile AUTOWT seat belt. Simply unhook the headrest strap and use the leash clip end to control both dogs at once. No need to juggle multiple leashes while strolling through the neighborhood or park.

Stop worrying about unrestrained dogs disturbing your drive or compromising safety in the event of sudden stops. The AUTOWT Double Dog Seat Belt lets your canine passengers ride safely without distracting you as the driver. Order today and look forward to stress-free driving with your dogs happily secured in the back!

Key Features:

  • Headrest restraint design attaches securely around pillars
  • Lockable quick release buckle prevents accidental opening
  • 360° swivel clip prevents twisting and tangling
  • Adjustable 16-32 inch strap with elastic bungee inside
  • Accommodates two medium/large dogs up to 110 lbs total
  • Reflective stitching for enhanced night visibility
  • Durable nylon construction withstands regular use
  • Use as double dog leash for walks


  • Keeps dogs safe and secure in back seat
  • Allows freedom of movement without tangling
  • Absorbs jolts and prevents injuries
  • Customizable fit for comfort
  • No more driver distraction or pullovers
  • Dogs can sit, stand, lie down comfortably
  • Reduces pulling, choking, gagging from tension
  • Versatile for walking two dogs at once

Don’t wait to get this must-have auto accessory for multi-dog families. With the AUTOWT Double Dog Seat Belt, you and your furry co-pilots will look forward to the open road. Shop now and ride in comfort and security!


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