Give Your Senior Dog Confidence and Traction with Pick For Life Paw Protectors



Is your aging canine companion having trouble gripping your slippery hardwood or tile floors? As dogs get older, decreased mobility can make smooth floors dangerous and stressful to walk on. Help improve your senior pup’s confidence and quality of life with Pick For Life Dog Paw Protectors. These innovative traction pads stick right onto your dog’s paws for stability.

The ultra-thin design doesn’t add bulk or weight that might throw off an already unsteady senior dog. Your dog will barely notice they are wearing them! But you’ll notice a dramatic difference in their ability to play and move around your home without fear.

Rubber Grippers Provide Sure-Footed Traction

Pick For Life Dog Paw Protectors have rubberized grippers on the bottom to provide traction on slippery hard surfaces. The grippers grip the floor to keep paws from sliding out.

This allows senior dogs to walk, run, play, and move around with confidence. No more tentative steps or spread out stances trying to balance. Just happy, secure pups enjoying life without fear of falls and slips.

The rubber grippers are shaped like paw pads to provide maximum non-slip surface area. Your dog’s paws will feel steady and planted on even the smoothest floors.

Ultra-Thin Material is Unobtrusive

Pick For Life Dog Paw Protectors are made from a thin, flexible fabric that contours to the shape of your dog’s paws. The lightweight material is barely noticeable to dogs.

Unlike rigid dog booties, the flexible pads move seamlessly with your dog’s paws. There is no uncomfortable rubbing or restrictive sensation. Just free, confident movement!

The ultra-thin pads don’t throw off your dog’s proprioception by changing the feel and height of their paws. Your dog can perceive the floor normally for steady walking.

Sticks Securely Right to Fur

Pick For Life Dog Paw Protectors feature a skin-safe sticky backing that adheres directly to paw fur. No straps, buckles, or fasteners needed!

The medical-grade adhesive keeps the grippers securely in place even during active play and walks. No slipping, sliding, or lost traction.

The pads can easily be removed and re-sticked when needed. They stay adhered well until you are ready to remove them. Just peel off gently and restick.

Makes Walks and Play Possible Again

Does your senior pup avoid playtime and walks because of slippery floors? Help them rediscover their joy of daily activity with Pick For Life Dog Paw Protectors.

The traction pads allow aging dogs to move freely and securely on floors they used to avoid. Now they can chase toys, romp with other pets, and just feel steady while moving around your home.

Senior dogs will be excited to go on walks again instead of sitting them out from fear of falling. The traction pads mean they can finally grip sidewalks and other hard surfaces outdoors as well. More adventure awaits!

Use On All 4 Paws or Just Front Paws

Pick For Life Dog Paw Protectors can be used on just the front paws or all four paws. Depending on your senior dog’s needs:

Use on front paws for confidence navigating slippery floors

Use on all paws for maximum traction during playtime

Use on just one paw if your dog is recovering from an injury

Customize traction where your unique dog needs it most. The ultra-thin pads are safe for regular, repeated use.

Paw Pad Design for Comfort

Pick For Life Dog Paw Protectors are designed like paw pads for ergonomic comfort. The contour shape hugs each toe and covers the paw pad area. No uncomfortable rubbing on joints or irritation between toes.

The fabric material is also soft and gentle on sensitive senior paw pads. It allows paws to breathe freely unlike bulky dog booties.

Give your aging companion better traction and stability in their golden years. Pick For Life Dog Paw Protectors restore freedom of movement and bring back playfulness!


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