Give Your Puppy the Gift of Safe Walks with the BELLA & PAL Puppy Harness and Leash Set



Welcome your new furry friend into the family with the safe and comfortable BELLA & PAL Puppy Harness and Leash Set in lavender purple. Designed just for small and extra small breed puppies, this harness and leash set allows for stress-free walks, training sessions, and outdoor adventures.

Specially Sized for Growing Puppy Bodies

The BELLA & PAL puppy harness is specially crafted for the tiny but rapidly growing bodies of small and extra small breed puppies. Available in sizes XS to XL, the vest-style harness is fully adjustable at the neck and chest to accommodate your pup as they mature.

To find the perfect fit, simply measure your pup’s neck girth and chest girth rather than relying on weight alone. Refer to the convenient sizing chart provided to select the appropriate size. For pups in between sizes, opt for the next larger size to allow room to grow.

Step-In Design for Quick On and Off

This puppy harness features an easy step-in design to make getting ready for walks a breeze. The durable yet soft mesh vest slips right over your pup’s head and fastens securely around the body.

Magic tape, a strong buckle, and double D-rings work together to prevent escape artists from slipping out while also avoiding chafing or discomfort. For hassle-free on and off, the BELLA & PAL harness is a must for wiggly puppies and pet parents.

Breathable Air Mesh Fabric

The lightweight air mesh fabric of this puppy harness allows for maximum breathability to keep pups cool and comfortable on warm days. The soft vest-style harness moves naturally with a pup’s body while also preventing chafing from pulling or rubbing.

Despite being light and airy, the harness is made of durable fabrics that are simple to spot clean and quick to dry. The breathable mesh is both comfy for pups and easy for pet parents to maintain.

Safe Design with Reflective Accents

One of the top priorities of BELLA & PAL is pet safety. This small dog harness is designed to distribute pressure across the torso rather than the delicate throat when a dog pulls on leash. This avoids choking and makes training leash manners much easier.

For enhanced visibility, reflective strips are strategically placed on both the harness and matching leash. Whether enjoying evening or early morning walks, these reflective accents help keep your puppy visible.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

BELLA & PAL stands behind all products with a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues with the harness or leash, contact the friendly and responsive customer service team for assistance. Fit adjustments, exchanges, or returns are handled promptly to ensure pet parents and pups are happy.

Introduce Your Puppy to Walks with Total Comfort and Safety

The first leashed walks make a big impression on puppies during the sensitive socialization period. With the safe design and cozy fit of the BELLA & PAL harness and leash set, you can introduce your pup to the outside world with confidence.

The easy step-in vest slides right over wriggly bodies and keeps puppies secure as they learn to walk politely on leash without pulling or choking. The lightweight breathable mesh keeps pups cool on warm days while reflective accents increase visibility and safety.

Sized just for growing small and extra small breed puppies, this harness adjusts for the perfect fit during the rapid growth of puppyhood. As your furry friend matures from pup to adult dog, continue using the BELLA & PAL harness for maximum comfort during daily walks and adventures.

Sizing Information:

XS Puppy Harness Neck: 6.8″ – 9.0″ Chest: 8.6″ – 11.2″

XL Puppy Harness Neck: 9.4″ – 13.7″ Chest: 12.6″ – 16.5″

Care Instructions:

Hand wash gently and air dry
Avoid harsh detergents
Do not bleach

What’s Included:

1 Step-in Puppy Harness with Magic Tape
1 Puppy Leash with Reflective Stripe
Training Guide Ebook

Key Features:

Step-in vest design for easy on/off
Lightweight breathable air mesh fabric
Fully adjustable at neck and chest
Designed for small and extra small breed puppies
Reflective accents for visibility & safety
Strong hardware and double D-rings to prevent escape
Customer satisfaction guarantee

Give Your Pup the Gift of Safe, Comfy Walks

Welcome your new family member with the thoughtful gift of the BELLA & PAL Puppy Harness and Leash Set. In soft purple lavender, this set allows for enjoyable leashed adventures without pulling or choking. Guided by your care, watch your puppy grow with confidence using safe, comfortable equipment designed just for them.


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