Give Your Pup a Comfy Collar They’ll Love with the Black Rhino Comfort Collar



Keep your pup comfortable on every adventure with the Black Rhino Comfort Collar. This ultra-soft neoprene padded dog collar provides the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and safety for dogs of all breeds and activity levels.

Neoprene Padding Cushions Your Pup’s Neck

The inside of this dog collar features a soft neoprene padding that will protect your dog’s neck from irritation during activity. The plush neoprene layer cushions your dog’s neck while preventing chafing. It also provides a barrier between your dog’s fur and the nylon outer layer, keeping them cool and comfortable all day long.

The neoprene is also waterproof and quick drying. You don’t need to worry about odor or sogginess even if your dog loves splashing in water or playing in the rain.

Adjustable Fit Provides a Customized Feel

To ensure the perfect fit, this dog collar is fully adjustable with a heavy-duty side release buckle. It’s available in sizes small (11” – 14.5”), medium (14.5” – 19”), large (19” – 23”), and extra large (23” – 27”) to accommodate dogs of all breeds and neck sizes.

Simply measure your dog’s neck where you want the collar to sit and order the appropriate size. Then adjust it to their ideal tightness so it’s snug but not constricting their airway. Get the perfect customized fit for supreme daily comfort.

Durable Construction Withstands Life’s Adventures

Though designed for comfort, this collar doesn’t compromise on strength and durability. It’s constructed with heavyweight webbing and a reinforced D-ring leash attachment to withstand the most energetic dogs.

The robust hardware is made to resist chewing and the forces of even the most powerful pullers. It also features bar-tacked stitching at stress points for enhanced toughness. This collar is made to hold up through all of life’s adventures with your pup.

Reflective Accents Increase Low Light Visibility

Stay safe when walking or hiking with your dog in low light conditions thanks to the reflective accent stitching. The reflective threads reflect light to make your pup more visible at dawn, dusk, and night.

Drivers and cyclists will be able to spot your dog more easily when ambient light is low, providing peace of mind on early morning or evening walks and outings.

Fun, Fashionable Colors and Patterns

This comfortable dog collar doesn’t just focus on function – it also offers style. Available in vibrant colors like pink, blue, green and fun patterns like camo, it allows you to showcase your dog’s personality.

Match their collar to their unique look or your own personal style. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect color and look.

Water Resistant Material

Don’t let wet weather dampen your adventures. The nylon material of this dog collar is specially treated to repel water. Rain and splashing won’t soak in or lead to a heavy, soaked collar.

The neoprene lining also resists absorbing water, dries quickly, and won’t hold odors. Let your dog play in water and run through mud without worrying about damage or smells lingering.

Designed for Dog Safety

Your dog’s safety comes first. This collar underwent extensive testing to ensure its safety and effectiveness for everyday use. The durable D-ring and heavy-duty hardware provide a secure leash attachment that won’t fail.

The adjustable design also lets you achieve an ideal fit to prevent choking hazards. Enjoy peace of mind knowing this collar was designed with your dog’s well-being in mind.

Trusted Black Rhino Quality

Black Rhino is a leading brand trusted by pet owners for high-quality, durable pet products. Their dog collars are meticulously designed and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards for comfort, safety, and everyday performance.

With a Black Rhino collar, you can feel confident you’re providing your dog with a comfortable, rugged accessory built to enhance your adventures together. Treat your pup to the comfort they deserve with a collar crafted to go the extra mile.

Order the Size That’s Right for Your Pup

Be sure to accurately measure your dog’s neck and order the appropriate size collar for a perfect fit:

  • Small: 11″ – 14.5″ neck size
  • Medium: 14.5″ – 19″ neck size
  • Large: 19″ – 23″ neck size
  • X-Large: 23″ – 27″ neck size

For the safest and most comfortable fit, allow room for two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. The adjustable collar can then be tightened or loosened to find your dog’s ideal size.

Give Your Dog the Comfort They Deserve

Pamper your pooch with the supreme comfort of the Black Rhino Comfort Collar. Its soft neoprene padding cushions their neck while the durable nylon outer layer withstands energetic activity.

Customize the fit to your dog while reflective accents increase visibility on low light adventures. Bring fashionable flair while keeping your pup comfortable and safe mile after mile. Order today!


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