Give Your Feline Friend the Gift of Cozy Comfort with the CEVICOLZE Calming Cat Bed



Treat your favorite furry companion to the comfort and security they deserve with the CEVICOLZE Calming Cat Bed. Lovingly designed with your cat’s needs in mind, this self-warming donut bed offers the perfect spot for your kitty to curl up and drift off to dreamland.

Crafted for Superior Comfort and Security

This round cat bed features an irresistibly plush faux fur exterior surrounding a cushy filling of thick PP cotton. The super-soft materials pamper your pet with cloud-like coziness to help them feel calm and relaxed.

The raised edge creates a cocoon-like environment that gives your cat a sense of security and just enough support for their head and body. They’ll love burrowing into the cushiony sides and base that gently cradles their frame to relieve sore muscles and joints.

Smart Non-Slip Design Keeps Bed Securely In Place

The bottom of the bed contains a non-slip layer to prevent sliding and shifting on hard floors. Durable anti-skid beads and high-density waterproof fabric work together to anchor the bed in place so it stays put while your pet gets comfortable. No more chasing after a constantly moving bed across the room!

Self-Warming Bed Saves Energy and Keeps Kitty Toasty

This energy-efficient cat bed features a unique self-warming design that reflects your cat’s own body heat back at them. This allows the bed to maintain a cozy temperature without the need for bulky heating pads or electricity.

The insulation works with your pet’s 98.6°F body warmth to trap heat inside the bed, keeping your cat nice and toasty even on cold nights. Save money on energy bills while keeping your furry friend warm all winter long!

Safe, Allergen-Free Materials for Sensitive Cats

Worried about allergies or sensitive skin? This calming cat bed uses only high-quality, non-toxic materials to create a safe sleeping space for all cats.

The synthetic faux fur and cotton filling contain no harsh chemicals, dyes, or allergens that could irritate your pet. Both materials are hypoallergenic and specially processed to prevent shedding and dust buildup in the bed.

You can have peace of mind knowing the bed is 100% safe for kitties with allergies or sensitivities.

Convenient Machine-Washable Design

Pet beds can get dirty quickly, but this cat dome bed makes cleaning a breeze. Just remove the outer cover and toss it in the washing machine to remove odors, dirt, and hair.

Use cold water on a gentle cycle to preserve the bed’s shape and texture. Low-heat tumble drying works best. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener, as this could reduce the bed’s coziness.

Regular washing ensures your cat always has a fresh, hygienic place to sleep. No more smelly, unsanitary beds!

Choose the Purrfect Size for Your Cat

This calming cat bed comes in a 20-inch diameter option designed with smaller cats in mind. The round donut shape works perfectly for cats who like to curl up or burrow into cozy corners.

The 20-inch size gives pint-sized cats enough room to stretch out without getting lost in a bed built for larger pets. Give your kitten or small breed cat the perfect place to snuggle up in superior comfort.

Designed by Cat Lovers, for Cat Lovers

As fellow cat parents ourselves, we know how important it is to spoil our kitties with the best. That’s why our team of designers crafted this cat cave bed with care, using only high-quality materials and cat-friendly features.

We want your beloved companion to enjoy the same comfort and security that our own cats experience. Your feline family member deserves the very best!

Buy With Confidence and Save with Amazon Prime

You can purchase the CEVICOLZE Calming Cat Bed worry-free with the trusted protection of Amazon Prime. Enjoy free, fast shipping along with easy returns if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied.

Amazon Prime members can also save 20% off this cozy cat bed. Give your kitty the gift of comfort and security while taking advantage of exclusive member savings.

Supplies are limited due to high demand, so be sure to order now while it’s in stock! Your cat will thank you.

Help Your Stressed Cat Relax and Unwind

Does your cat suffer from anxiety or stress? The CEVICOLZE Calming Cat Bed can help!

Many cats experience stress due to changes in environment, travel, visitors, or new family members. This can lead to poor appetite, behavioral issues, and a depressed immune system.

Offering your stressed cat a safe space to retreat helps manage their anxiety and promotes relaxation. The dome shape provides a secure-feeling nest that fearful cats will seek out instinctively when they need comfort.

Give your anxious kitty relief from the hectic world while supporting their mental and physical wellbeing.

Alleviate Aches from Joint Pain and Arthritis

If your senior cat suffers from joint discomfort or arthritis, the CEVICOLZE Cat Bed can provide soothing relief.

The plush materials and padded sides gently conform to an aching pet’s body, taking pressure off sensitive joints. Your arthritic cat will appreciate the soft support that cushions their frame without forcing them to lie on a hard surface.

Cold weather can also worsen joint pain. The bed’s self-warming insulation boosts circulation to creaky joints and leads to decreased inflammation. Help your elderly cat rest easy all year long.

Say Goodbye to Sore Muscles and Fatigue

Much like their human counterparts, cats can experience post-exercise muscle soreness and fatigue after an active day of play.

The cushiony bed gives tired cats a therapeutic place to recover from physical exertion. Its conforming design evenly distributes their weight to relax strained muscles without pressure points.

A good night’s sleep in the cozy cat bed will have your kitty recharged and ready for their next play session. Making exercise and activity fun and rewarding for your energetic pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of this cat bed?

The 20-inch size has an outer diameter of 20 inches across and stands about 6 inches high. It works great for cats under 10 pounds.

How is the bottom anti-slip layer attached?

The anti-skid layer on the bottom is securely sewn into the base to prevent shifting. No adhesives or glues are used.

Can I wash the cat bed in the washing machine?

Yes, you can machine wash the removable outer cover in cold water on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. Do not use bleach.

What fill material is used inside the bed walls?

The bed is filled with soft, hypoallergenic PP cotton to maintain the pillowy shape and comfort.

Will my cat have enough room in the 20-inch size?

The 20-inch round bed gives smaller cats and kittens plenty of room to sleep and stretch out comfortably. Bigger cats may prefer the larger 24-inch bed.

Is assembly required for this cat bed?

No assembly is required! The bed comes ready to use right out of the box. Just place in your cat’s favorite sleeping spot and watch them enjoy.

Give Your Cat the Gift of Luxurious Comfort

Treat your furry companion to the ultimate in pampering with the CEVICOLZE Calming Cat Bed today!

From the super-plush materials to the self-warming design, this bed was thoughtfully engineered to cradle your cat in luxurious security and support.

See for yourself how your kitty finds sweet relaxation in their new favorite sleeping spot. Their contented purrs will let you know you made the right choice!


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