Give Your Feline Friend the Gift of a Healthy, Shiny Coat with the itPlus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Cats



As a cat owner, you know that grooming is an essential part of keeping your furry friend happy and healthy. Regular brushing removes loose hair, distributes natural oils, prevents matting, and stimulates circulation. But with busy schedules, it can be tough to make time for thorough grooming sessions. That’s where the itPlus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush comes in!

Specially Designed for Cats

This brush is thoughtfully crafted with cats in mind. The fine, bent wires are gentle enough for sensitive skin but firm enough to penetrate thick coats. As you brush, the stainless steel bristles grab loose undercoat hair and gently remove tangles and mats without irritating your cat’s skin.

Ergonomic Non-Slip Handle

The easy-grip handle is coated in slip-resistant silicone for superior comfort and control while grooming. No more fumbling or struggling to hold the brush. The ergonomic shape fits nicely in your hand, reducing fatigue so you can brush longer.

Self-Cleaning Button for Quick Hair Removal

The best part is the self-cleaning feature. With the press of a button, the bristles retract to eject all the fur so you can keep brushing uninterrupted. No more stopping to clean the brush or pick fur from between the bristles. The quick release gets rid of hair instantly.

Stimulates Blood Circulation and Coat Health

Cat grooming is so much more than just removing loose hairs. The massaging motion promotes blood circulation to nourish skin and hair follicles. Brushing also distributes natural oils from your cat’s skin throughout their coat for a healthy, glossy sheen. Your cat will love the soothing massage.

Reduces Hairballs and Shedding

By brushing away dead hair, the itPlus brush helps reduce unwanted shedding so hair gets on the brush instead of your carpets and furniture. Removing the loose undercoat can also minimize hairballs.

Provides a Soothing Experience

For many cats, grooming provides a calming, relaxing effect. The gentle massaging motion releases feel-good endorphins and the bonding time strengthens your relationship. Even cats who don’t love brushing may come to look forward to these soothing sessions.

Why Cat Owners Love This Brush

🐾 Gets rid of mats and tangles without hurting your cat

🐾 Traps loose hair in brush instead of flying around the house

🐾 Easy push button makes brushing long hair a breeze

🐾 Comfortable silicone grip prevents hand fatigue

🐾 Teeth retract to prevent scratching at the skin

🐾 Stimulates blood flow to promote a healthy, shiny coat

Brush Away Mats, Tangles, Loose Hair and Dander

This versatile brush is ideal for long, medium and short hair. The slim design lets you brush around the face, legs, tail and other hard-to-reach spots. Bent wires penetrate thick coats while gentler on sensitive areas.

Short Hair

For cats with short hair, this brush removes loose hairs before they can be shed onto your clothing and furniture. The bristles stimulate the skin and distribute oils for a healthy coat.

Medium Hair

The closely spaced bristles are perfect for brushing medium length fur. They detangle and grab loose undercoat while massaging the skin. Regular brushing helps prevent mats from forming.

Long Hair

The itPlus brush excels at grooming long fur. The fine stainless steel bristles glide through the coat, gently removing dead hair and minimizing excessive shedding. Use it to gently work out mats and knots without pulling.

Easy to Use and Clean

Brushing your cat is a breeze with the itPlus self-cleaning slicker brush. Simply press the button to retract bristles and eject hair with ease. No inconvenient interruptions to clean the brush! Rinse occasionally with soapy water for thorough cleaning.

Give Your Cat the Gift of Quality Grooming Time

Show your favorite feline some extra love with the itPlus grooming brush! Investing just 10-15 minutes a day removes dead hair, prevents mats, stimulates their skin, and strengthens your bond. Order the itPlus self-cleaning slicker brush today to keep your cat’s coat healthy and looking its best! Your furry friend will thank you.


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