Give Your Feline Festive Flair with These Adorable Christmas Cat Collars!



Deck your cats out in holiday style with this 2-pack of cat collars featuring classic red and green plaid patterns. These collars will add a touch of seasonal spirit to your furry friends while also keeping them safe thanks to the breakaway buckle design.

Festive Plaid Print for Holiday Charm

Your cats will be dressed to impress this Christmas with these collars featuring traditional red and green buffalo plaid fabric. The timeless print looks great on felines of all fur colors and lends a nostalgic, rustic vibe perfect for the holidays. Whether your cat is joining the family for Christmas festivities or you’re just getting your home decorated for Santa’s arrival, these collars add a dash of merriment and coziness.

Removable Bowtie for Adjustable Style

Each collar features an adorable bell bowtie accent for extra seasonal flair. The bowtie is removable so you can take it on or off for different looks. Keep it on for the full festive ensemble or remove it when your kitty needs a break from the holiday hype. The jingle bell in the middle of each bowtie provides a hint of sound so you can locate cats when they’re exploring the Christmas tree or holiday decor.

Breakaway Buckle Design for Safety

While these collars provide cheerful holiday style, safety remains a priority thanks to the breakaway buckle design. The buckle releases when pulled with 4 lbs of pressure or more. This ensures cats won’t get trapped if the collar gets hooked while climbing or exploring. No more worries about strangulation hazards – your cats can celebrate Christmas in safety and comfort.

Adjustable Size for Proper Fit

A proper fit is essential for your cat’s comfort and safety. These collars feature adjustable straps ranging from 7.8″ to 10.5″ long and 0.4″ wide. This range accommodates most cat breeds and sizes. Simply use the slider to tighten or loosen the band until it fits properly around your cat’s neck. A snug but not too tight fit allows your cat to wear the collar securely without chafing.

Quality Construction for Durability

These Christmas cat collars are made using soft, durable cotton fabric designed to last through the holidays and beyond. The cute plaid pattern brings seasonal joy while the solid fabric construction withstands curious cats’ paws and playful antics. The collar won’t fray or rip easily so you can enjoy it for many Christmases to come.

Ideal for Both Female and Male Cats

Whether you have a dainty lady cat or a rambunctious tomcat, these collars work beautifully for both girls and guys. The festive plaid pattern and bowtie look adorable on all genders and lend a refined touch for the holidays. Now your cats can match while looking their Christmas best.

Easy On and Off Design

These collars make it simple to get your cats ready for holiday photos, parties, or roaming around the Christmas tree. The breakaway buckle opens and closes with one hand so you can put the collar on or take it off in just seconds. No difficult clasps or hooks – just smooth, quick styling.

Tips for Cat Collar Safety

While these collars are designed for feline safety, here are some extra tips for avoiding hazards:

  • Check the fit regularly as your cat grows and adjust as needed
  • Make sure your cat’s collar is snug but not constricting
  • Check for signs of neck irritation and discontinue use if any occur
  • Only put on your cat when supervised and remove before crating
  • Use caution and monitor initial use to ensure proper sizing

Give Your Cats Purrfect Christmas Style

Surprise your kitties this Christmas with these purrfect plaid collars featuring jingle bell bowties! The fabric is soft, the colors are classic, and the bows are utterly adorable. Your cats will look festively fashionable as they explore the holiday decor and join in yuletide activities. Get these collars for your own felines or give as a gift to the cat lover in your life. For two collars at such an affordable price, you simply can’t go wrong!

Product Details:

  • Set includes 1 red plaid collar and 1 green plaid collar with removable bowties
  • Collars made of soft, durable cotton fabric
  • Adjustable strap with plastic breakaway buckle for safety
  • Fits neck sizes: 7.8″ – 10.5″ x 0.4″ wide
  • Removable bowties have elastic bands for easy on and off
  • Jingle bell on bowtie provides light sound
  • Classic plaid patterns in traditional red and green
  • Great for cats of all breeds and sizes
  • Unisex design suits both girl and boy cats
  • Easy to put on and remove from your cat
  • Machine washable – air dry only

Give your cats a touch of Christmas joy with these charming plaid collars. The jingle bowties will have them looking festive for the holidays while the breakaway design keeps them safe during all the seasonal fun. Order this set today to complete your cats’ holiday looks!


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