Give Your Dog the Gift of Healthy Kidneys with Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet KS Kidney Support Dry Dog Food



Is your furry friend dealing with kidney issues? Help him thrive with Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet KS Kidney Support Dry Dog Food. Specially formulated to support your dog’s kidney health, this therapeutic diet provides complete and balanced nutrition in each scientifically-developed bite.

###Tailored Nutrition for Kidney Health###

Kidney disease is all too common in dogs. That’s why Blue Buffalo created this prescription kidney care diet. It’s crafted with your dog’s unique nutritional needs in mind, featuring:

Controlled levels of high-quality protein to help manage kidney workload
Reduced phosphorus and sodium to support kidney function
Enhanced levels of omega-3 fatty acids to promote kidney health
Added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to optimize overall wellbeing
With every morsel packed with targeted nutrition, this dog food truly cares for your canine companion from the inside out.

###Starts with Delicious, Protein-Rich Chicken###

Dogs with kidney issues still need high-quality protein. That’s why real chicken is the first ingredient in this therapeutic recipe. Your pup will love the delicious taste of tender chicken in every bite.

The controlled protein levels help manage your dog’s kidney workload while providing nourishment. That allows him to maintain healthy muscle mass while supporting his sensitive kidneys.

###Nutritious Whole Food Ingredients###

This prescription kidney diet goes beyond typical dog food. Blue Buffalo uses only the finest natural ingredients, like:

Chicken: A top-quality protein source that dogs find irresistible
Brown rice: A highly digestible carbohydrate that provides energy
Oatmeal: A wholesome grain full of fiber to aid digestion
Barley: A nutritious whole grain packed with essential nutrients
Flaxseed: A superfood loaded with omega-3s to reduce inflammation
Apples: A tasty source of antioxidants to boost immunity
Blueberries: Bursting with phytonutrients to promote health from within
Carrots: Rich in vitamin A to support eye and kidney function
Spinach: Nutrient-dense greens ideal for dogs with kidney issues
With premium ingredients straight from nature, this diet nourishes your dog completely.

###No Unnecessary Fillers or Artificial Ingredients###

Some dog foods cut corners to cut costs. Not Blue Buffalo. This kidney care recipe is made without:

Chicken or poultry by-product meals
Corn, wheat or soy
Artificial flavors or preservatives
That means no questionable ingredients that can bother your dog’s sensitive kidneys. Just pure, natural nutrition in each bite.

###Veterinarian-Authorized Kidney Support###

This therapeutic Blue Buffalo formula requires your veterinarian’s authorization. It’s specially formulated by animal health experts to address your dog’s needs. This prescription diet provides tailored nutrition to support kidney function and overall health.

###Give the Gift of Healthy Kidneys###

If your beloved dog is dealing with kidney issues, give him the gift of natural nutrition tailored for kidney care. Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet KS Kidney Support Dry Dog Food provides the targeted nutrition he needs to support sensitive kidneys. Crafted with care and science-backed by research, this dog food truly cares for your canine’s wellbeing.

Get your prescription authorized today and order a bag! Your dog deserves the best, and his kidneys will thank you.


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