Give Your Cat the Gift of a Fabulous Fur-do with the Self Cleaning Cat Brush from eMMiuss



Treat your favorite feline to a spa-like grooming experience in the comfort of home with the Self Cleaning Cat Brush from eMMiuss. This ingenious grooming tool gently removes loose fur, tangles, mats, and undercoat while providing a soothing massage that cats love.

Grooming Made Easy

The self cleaning feature makes grooming a breeze. Simply press the button to retract the bristles and wipe away hair. No more struggling to clean clogged brushes or picking fur out by hand. The quick clean button keeps the brush hygienic and ready to go for daily grooming.

Ergonomic Design

The easy grip handle provides control and comfort during grooming. No hand cramps or fatigue. The rounded head with soft silicone bristles gently massages your cat’s skin while removing loose fur. Cats will love the pampering sensation.

Strengthens Your Bond

Regular grooming strengthens the bond between pet parent and fur baby. The pleasant massage relaxes cats and makes grooming an enjoyable experience for both of you. Quality time together enhances your relationship.

Suitable For All Coat Types

The flexible bristles contour to the body and are ideal for short, medium, or long haired cats. Safely and gently removes undercoat and loose hair without irritating skin or damaging guard hairs. Leaves coats shiny and healthy looking.

Say Goodbye to Shedding and Matted Fur

This deshedding brush removes the dead undercoat that causes shedding and matting. Using it 1-2 times a week helps control loose fur and keeps your cat’s coat soft, shiny, and mat-free. Your home stays cleaner too with less fur floating around.

A Hygienic Brush

The one click clean feature allows the brush bristles to retract for easy hair removal between uses. This prevents dirt buildup and bacteria growth that occurs with traditional brushes. Your cat gets a germ-free grooming experience.

Cats Love Being Pampered

Most cats enjoy a good brushing as it provides a light massage. The rounded bristle head distributes pressure evenly to avoid irritation. Cats will look forward to their grooming sessions and may even purr with contentment.

Why Cats Need Regular Brushing

Frequent brushing keeps your cat’s coat healthy by:

  • Removing dead hair and distributing oils from skin
  • Preventing hairballs from excessive grooming
  • Stimulating blood circulation
  • Detecting any lumps, lesions, or other abnormalities

Don’t wait until your cat has severe mats or tangles. Regular brushing prevents problems and keeps coats shiny.

Customers Love this Cat Brush

This self cleaning cat brush rates 4.5 out of 5 stars from happy pet parents. Users love the easy cleanup feature and comfortable design. Cats enjoy the soft bristles and massaging touch. Owners say it quickly and gently removes loose fur their cat would have swallowed. This brush makes grooming fast, easy, and enjoyable for both pet and parent.

We Know You’ll Love It Too!

Pamper your feline with the Self Cleaning Cat Brush from eMMiuss. The ingenious self cleaning feature takes the hassle out of grooming while the rounded bristle head gives a soothing massage. Show your cat some love with the gift of a shiny, healthy coat and closer bonding time together.

Order the Self Cleaning Cat Brush today and enjoy easier grooming sessions, less loose fur around your home, and a deeper bond with your furry companion. Your cat will thank you!


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