Gentle No-Shock Bark Collar with Vibration for Small Dogs 5-15 lbs



Train Your Pup Without the Shock with This Effective No Bark Collar!

Is your small dog’s constant barking driving you and your neighbors crazy? Have you tried yelling, training, and anti-barking devices with no success? Don’t resort to painful and ineffective shock collars! Stop nuisance barking and reward good behavior with our innovative no-shock bark control collar.

This humane bark collar uses progressive vibration modes to deter barking before it starts. When your pup barks, they receive a gentle vibration as a warning. If they continue vocalizing, the vibration intensity increases to deter further noise but NEVER uses an electrical shock. Over time, your dog learns that barking results in an unpleasant sensation so they stop the behavior on their own.

Our collar is specially designed for small dog breeds between 5-15 lbs. The ergonomic collar has a lightweight, waterproof design perfect for toy breeds like Shih Tzus, Miniature Dachshunds, Yorkshire Terriers, and more. Adjustable nylon straps ensure a customized fit, and reflective edges provide visibility at night. Rechargeable batteries power up to 15 days of vibration, so you can curb barking for weeks between charges.

Train Your Dog Without Pain or Stress

The key to successful behavioral training is associating cues with desired actions. Shock collars try to accomplish this through pain and fear, but those strategies are ineffective long-term. Our collar relies on progressive vibrations to teach dogs that barking is unwanted without hurting them.

Ultra-gentle vibrations get your dog’s attention without causing pain or stress. If they bark again, the sensation increases gradually to deter more vocalizing
Discomfort is mild and harmless – just enough to curb barking but NOT to punish your pup or alter their happy personality
Over time, your dog associates their own bark with the sensation and learns to curb vocalizing on their own
Using humane vibrating pulses is clinically proven to reduce barking by up to 90% in just weeks! Curb your small dog’s nuisance barking without agony or anxiety.

Customizable Collar Provides the Perfect Fit

Getting the proper collar fit is crucial when using anti-bark devices. A loose collar won’t detect vocal vibrations while a tight one can be painful and restrictive. Our smart collar uses adjustable nylon straps to achieve a snug, comfortable fit around your small dog’s neck.

Lightweight waterproof collar is only 1.5 ounces – perfect for toy breeds between 5-15 pounds
Customizable collar circumference between 10 to 16 inches fits neck sizes 6 to 11 inches
Easily adjust fit as your puppy grows into an adult dog
Secure collar stays in place without choking or uncomfortably tightening
The ergonomic and convenient design means you never have to remove the collar between uses. Let your small dog wear it comfortably 24/7 while the gentle vibrations curb barking.

Intelligent Sensors Detect Barks, Not Background Noises

The most important feature of an anti-bark collar is properly identifying vocalizations. Our smart bark detection precisely triggers vibrations from your dog’s barking, not other ambient sounds.

Advanced vibration sensor identifies the unique frequencies of dog barking
Won’t accidently activate from background noises, talking, coughing, or environmental sounds
Waterproof design works in all weather and environments – rain, snow, city, trails, etc.
Blue indicator light flashes each time a bark is detected to confirm activation
You’ll have confidence our collar is responding to YOUR dog’s bark only, not random noises. Targeted vibrations provide clarity to stop barking quickly and humanely.

Rechargeable Battery Provides Weeks of Power

You shouldn’t have to constantly recharge or replace batteries in your small dog’s bark collar. Our innovative design includes a built-in lithium polymer battery that holds a charge for up to 15 days.

Battery powers collar for over two weeks between charges
LED lights indicate battery level so you know when to recharge
Charges fully in just 2-3 hours with the included USB charging cable
Waterproof charging port so you never have to remove battery
With our reliable, long-lasting battery, you can curb barking for weeks between quick, convenient charging sessions.

We’re Confident Your Dog will Love this Collar!

While most anti-bark collars seem harsh and cruel, we’ve designed a gentle, humane option your pup will barely notice outside of occasional vibrations. See for yourself how well this collar works to stop nuisance barking and we’re sure your dog will tolerate it better than other options.

To get you started, we offer:

60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee – return for any reason for a full refund
One year replacement warranty if anything stops functioning
Lifetime support from our USA-based customer service team
Don’t wait through countless sleepless nights of barking. Order the safe, comfortable vibrating bark collar for your small dog today and finally get peace and quiet!


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