Floryden Cat Angel Memorial Stones – A Loving Tribute to Your Beloved Feline Friend



Losing a beloved pet is one of the most difficult experiences in life. Our furry friends become part of the family, and saying goodbye is heartbreaking. The Floryden Cat Angel Memorial Stone provides a beautiful way to honor the memory of your precious kitty companion. This thoughtful cat headstone will be a healing reminder of the joy and love you shared.

A Peaceful Sleeping Cat Angel Design

The sleeping cat angel statue depicts your feline friend at rest, watched over by a guardian angel. The angel’s wings encircle the cat in a tender embrace. Below is an inscription plaque reading “Goodnight My Friend, Until We Meet Again.” This touching sentiment conveys that your beloved pet has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to a peaceful eternal rest.

Whenever you see this gentle statue, you will be reminded of the endearing quirks and happy memories that made your pet so special. Display this cat memorial in your home or garden as a symbol of love that endures. It will bring comfort and inspiration during the grieving process.

Crafted with Care for Lasting Remembrance

Expertly crafted from durable polyresin, this cat headstone is made to withstand the elements. The material is fade-resistant, ensuring the statue retains its beauty over time. The stone finish has a natural appearance that blends nicely with any garden landscape or indoor decor.

Weighing just 1.33 lbs, this memorial marker is lightweight enough to position in any special location. The dimensions of 6.3″ wide x 5.51″ deep x 4.53″ high allow it to fit compact garden spaces or small shelf displays. Wherever you choose to place this angel cat statue, it will make a lasting, meaningful tribute.

Honor Your Companion with a Healing Gift

Losing a beloved cat leaves an ache in your heart. The Floryden Cat Angel Memorial Stone makes a thoughtful, healing gift for anyone grieving a feline friend. The tender sentiment will bring comfort to animal lovers who are missing their whiskered buddy.

This sympathy gift expresses compassion and acknowledges the deep bond between people and their fur babies. It provides ongoing support beyond flowers, cards, or food gifts that fade. This angel cat statue will touch the heart whenever they see it.

Give the gift of remembrance to honor a treasured cat’s place in someone’s heart. This stone marker validates their grief and reminds them that their kitty friend rests in peace across the Rainbow Bridge.

Perfect for Pet Loss Memoralization

The sleeping cat angel statue serves beautifully as a final resting place memorial or heartfelt home decor tribute. The compact size makes it ideal to display as a grave marker in a backyard or garden. The angel design symbolizes your pet peacefully sleeping under the watch of guardian angels.

As an indoor tribute, this cat statue adds a subtle memorial on a bookshelf, windowsill, mantel, or shelf. Keep your precious memories close by viewing this angel cat headstone every day. Let it inspire fond recollections of the endearing quirks and heartwarming moments you shared.

However you choose to use this memorial marker, it will be a lasting symbol of the paw print your special cat left on your heart.

Why Customers Love This Cat Angel Memorial

“This cat headstone is beautifully made and just the right size for my garden memorial. It brings me comfort to be reminded of my dear Smokey.”
“I gave this angel cat statue to my sister after her beloved tabby passed away. It touched her deeply and she displays it on her desk.”
“This sleeping cat marker captures the peaceful rest my precious Mittens deserves. I love seeing this in my flower bed.”
“I can’t say enough good things about this memorial stone. The sentiment is so touching and helps my grieving process.”
“This angel cat memorial looks lovely in my library next to a photo of my sweetfur. It inspires happy memories.”

Bring Comfort and Inspiration

The Floryden Cat Angel Memorial Stone provides an ongoing reminder of the unconditional love you shared with your feline companion. Let this sleeping cat statue help inspire fond memories and bring healing comfort whenever grief washes over you.

This thoughtful tribute stone delivers lasting comfort to anyone missing their beloved kitty. Click Add to Cart now to honor your cat’s memory with this heartfelt angel cat memorial.


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