Festive and Fashionable Collars for Your Four-Legged Friend



Does your pup love to join in on the festive fun? Now they can celebrate in style with this 3 pack of adjustable soft dog collars specially designed for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Give your furry companion the gift of festival fashion that will have them strutting and tail wagging with joy.

Celebrate Each Special Holiday in Comfort and Safety

Each collar in this exclusive set features a quick release buckle so you can easily slip them on and off your pooch. The adjustable sizing ranges from 12.9 inches up to 21.6 inches, suitable for small, medium, and large breed dogs.

The durable polyester material is soft on your dog’s neck, so they can party in plush comfort. Whether they’re mingling with guests or snatching turkey off the table, these holiday collars add festive flair without compromising comfort.

Show Off Your Dog’s Spirited Side

The brilliant designs showcase colorful motifs and patterns that shine with holiday spirit.

The Halloween orange and black collar features smiling jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, bats, and spiders. Let your dog greet trick-or-treaters in ghoulish delights.

The Thanksgiving collar boasts a repeating pattern of brown fall leaves, orange pumpkins, acorns, and vibrant red maple leaves. Pair it with a pilgrim hat for the ultimate Turkey Day look.

Jingle all the way with the Christmas collar decked out in evergreen trees, red and white candy canes, golden bells, and a big red bow. Saint Nick might just mistake your pup for one of his reindeer!

Festival Fun for Furry Friends

The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without your faithful companion by your side. Let them share in the joy of the season while showing off their unique personality.

These festival-themed collars allow you to switch up their look as the festivities change. No need for a separate collar for each holiday when one set has them covered all season long.

Whether they’re posing for family photos, anticipating tasty table scraps or unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning, your dog will be dressed to impress. Just make sure they don’t get more compliments than you!

Perfectly Paired Accessories

To complete your dog’s festival fashion, pair these collars with:

  • A witch hat for Halloween
  • Turkey leg bandana for Thanksgiving
  • Antlers or jingle bells for Christmas

Their wagging tail and smiling doggy grin will let you know they approve of their new holiday look. Snap some pics of your stylishly dressed pup because these memory-making moments will bring joy for years to come.

Adjust the Fit for Comfort

Slip these quick release collars over your dog’s head and adjust to their ideal fit. Be sure to allow room for two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. Check the tightness periodically and adjust as needed.

For pups with slim builds, slide the collar towards the end of the strap. Thicker necks call for positioning the collar closer to the buckle. And energetic pooches prone to pulling may benefit from a tighter fit to avoid escaping their new duds.

Outsmart Problem Behaviors

These distraction-free designs omit noisy bells and dangling tags that can trigger problem behaviors in some dogs. The muted colors and simplified motifs help minimize overstimulation for anxious pups.

Prevent problem barking and lunging by limiting unnecessary stimulation from their collar. Keep the focus on festive fun instead of bothersome distractions.

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Once you’ve witnessed the ear-to-ear grin your pup gets from these fashionable collars, you’ll want to stock up on more BINGPET essentials for your four-legged BFF.

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Bring Festival Joy to Your Furry Friend

Treat your loyal companion to the gift of celebration in safety and comfort with these quick release festival dog collars. Available exclusively from BINGPET, this collar collection adds delightful holiday flair that you and your precious pup will love showing off.

Don’t let your dog miss out on the festive fun this season! Order the BINGPET Festival Dog Collar 3 Pack today.


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