Elevate Your Pet’s Dining Experience with This Adjustable Ceramic Dog Bowl with Bamboo Stand



Give your furry friend the five-star dining experience they deserve with the Ceramic Dog Bowl with Stand. This elevated pet bowl system features a gorgeous handcrafted ceramic bowl in a striking cobalt blue hue that’s perfect for adding a pop of color to your home. The bowl sits atop an adjustable bamboo stand that allows you to find the perfect height for your doggo to dine in comfort and style.

Handcrafted from Natural Materials for Lasting Beauty

The deep ceramic dog bowl is handmade from refined pottery clay and fired at ultra high temperatures for unmatched durability. The rich cobalt glaze gives it a smooth, eye-catching finish that’s easy to wipe clean after dinner. Unlike cheap plastic bowls that fade and crack over time, this ceramic bowl is made to last for years of daily use.

The stand is crafted from 100% natural bamboo wood that has an attractive light tan hue and smooth sanded finish. Bamboo is naturally water-resistant and antibacterial, so it won’t warp or develop mildew like other woods. It provides a stable and sturdy base for the bowl that won’t tip over easily.

Adjustable Height and Angle for Perfect Positioning

The bamboo stand features six removable feet that allow you to adjust both the height and angle of the elevated dog bowl to suit your pet. Configure it with all six feet installed for the maximum height of 5.5 inches, which is perfect for large breed dogs. For smaller pets, remove some of the feet to lower the bowl height.

You can also adjust the bowl to a tilted angle by removing feet from just one side of the stand. This angled position helps promote proper digestion and reduces neck strain in pets. Find the perfect set up for your dog’s size, breed, and needs.

Reduces Neck and Back Strain for Healthier Feeding

Hunching over to reach floor-level food bowls can put unnecessary strain on your dog’s neck, back, and joints. The elevated design of this adjustable stand bowl allows your dog to eat and drink from a natural upright position that’s much more comfortable and healthy.

By raising the bowl at least 4 inches off the floor, it reduces the effort for your dog to reach their food and water. Pets with arthritis, mobility issues, or neck/back problems will benefit the most from the supportive height and tilt options.

Keeps Messes Contained for Cleaner Feeding

Ground-level pet bowls are notorious for allowing food and water to spill out as your dog eats. The elevated design of this bowl keeps messes neatly contained so your floors stay cleaner.

The bowl sits deep in the stand with raised edges that prevent splashing. The tilted angle configuration also helps keep more food and water inside the bowl where it belongs. Mealtime will be less messy for both you and your pet.

Portable & Easy to Store for Use Anywhere

The bamboo stand conveniently disassembles into the three separate legs for easy transport and storage when not in use. No tools are required – the feet detach and attach manually in seconds.

Take this pet feeding system along when traveling or heading to the park. When mealtime is over, remove the feet and store the stand and bowl together neatly in a cabinet or drawer. It takes up very little space thanks to the minimalist tripod base.

An Excellent Gift for Pet Lovers

Any pet owner would be thrilled to receive this adjustable elevated dog bowl as a gift. It shows you care about their pet’s health and comfort during mealtimes. The beautiful design looks great in any home decor style too.

Surprise your loved one with this useful pet product that improves their furry friend’s dining experience. It’s sure to be used and appreciated for years to come.


  • Ceramic bowl capacity: 600ml or 1000ml
  • Bowl diameter: 7 inches
  • Adjustable stand height: 1″-5.5″
  • Tilted angle: 0-15 degrees
  • Bowl: Handcrafted ceramic
  • Stand: Natural antibacterial bamboo
  • Removable feet allow portable storage
  • Easy to clean with soap and water

Give your faithful companion the elevated dining experience they deserve with the Ceramic Dog Bowl with Stand. The adjustable bamboo tripod base and beautiful handcrafted bowl provide the perfect combination of form and function. Your pet will love dining in style and comfort on this versatile feeding system.


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