COSOOS Pet Stain Detector Blacklight Flashlights: Reveal Hidden Pet Urine and More (2-Pack)



See What Your Eyes Can’t With the COSOOS Pet Stain Detector Blacklight Flashlights.

Searching for hidden stains left behind by your furry friends? This 2-pack of powerful 51 LED blacklight flashlights by COSOOS makes it easy.

The 395nm UV light penetrates deep to fluoresce stains, revealing pet accidents, food spills, and more that regular light conceals. No longer will you be left wondering if your carpet is truly clean – take the guesswork out of stain detection.

Designed for hands-on inspection, the aircraft-grade aluminum body is anti-abrasive for a no-slip grip. The compact 5.8 inch size and lightweight 5.82oz design allow comfortable use without tiring your hand.

With the wide coverage of 51 LEDs, you’ll scan surfaces faster than ever. The imported LED chips and upgraded UV bulbs provide bright, uniform light that won’t fade out.

Multiply your searching power with the 2-pack. Check for hidden pet stains in the bedroom, then move to the living room without switching lights. The IPX4 water resistance also enables wet weather use.

This versatile blacklight isn’t just for pet stains. Detect scorpions, faded ink, minerals, and more. Cure glow resin safely. Find leaks. Authenticate currency. The possibilities are endless.

Experience the difference of COSOOS, complete with 1 year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. See what your naked eye can’t and reveal hidden stains today.


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