Corkscrew Trocar for Livestock Bloat Relief



Does your livestock suffer from chronic bloat? Providing fast and effective bloat relief is crucial when seconds count. Introducing the Corkscrew Trocar for Livestock – the innovative self-retaining bloat trocar designed specifically for cattle, sheep, and goats. This heavy-duty plastic corkscrew trocar allows you to quickly relieve pressure and restore normal rumen function.

Screw-In Design for Secure Placement

The Corkscrew Trocar features a sharp, pointed tip and wide threads to easily penetrate the hide and screw into place. No more trocars popping back out or needing to be held in place! The wide threads grab onto the hide and peritoneum for secure, hands-free installation. Once in place, gas and foam can immediately begin escaping the rumen to relieve pressure.

Heavy-Duty Plastic Construction

Constructed from durable plastic, this rumen trocar is built to last through repeated use. The high-quality plastic withstands weathering and won’t rust over time. Cleaning is a breeze – simply wash and disinfect between each use. The smooth finish prevents debris buildup. Designed for optimal strength, rigidity and functionality.

Relief Port Optimizes Gas Flow

The Corkscrew Trocar features a wide bore hollow center to maximize gas and foam drainage from the rumen. The angled relief port is designed to optimize flow when the cannula is screwed into place. As gas escapes the rumen, pressure decreases and breathing becomes easier. Providing fast rumen decompression can literally save the life of a bloated animal.

Simple 3 Step Installation

Installing the Corkscrew Trocar is quick and easy:

  1. Make a 3⁄4 inch incision in the left paralumbar fossa between the last rib, hipbone and transverse processes.
  2. Screw the trocar clockwise into the incision until the threads grab hold. Continue screwing into place.
  3. Once installed, gently pull the cannula plate upwards to bring the rumen close to the peritoneum. Wrap gauze around the plate to hold it in place.

Gas and foam will immediately start escaping the rumen through the hollow trocar. Monitor the animal until bloating has fully subsided. For severe cases, keep the trocar in place for 24-48 hours until rumen function normalizes.

Veterinarian Recommended

Trusted by veterinarians, the Corkscrew Trocar provides a safe, effective way to relieve bloat in cattle, sheep, and goats. Quickly install in emergency situations to restore normal breathing and rumen function. Sterilize between uses for proper hygiene.

Order Today & Be Prepared!

Don’t wait for bloat to strike to have the right equipment on hand. Order the Corkscrew Trocar for Livestock today and be prepared for fast bloat relief when you need it most. Having the proper bloat treatment tools can help save the lives of your livestock. Buy now and have this innovative trocar shipped directly to your door.


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