Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed Replacement Cover – Keep Your Furry Friend Cool and Comfy



Does your pet love lounging the day away on their elevated Coolaroo bed, but the cover is looking a little worse for wear? Don’t throw out the whole bed – just get this Brunswick Green replacement cover and give your pet’s bed a fresh new look!

Same Innovative Design, Brand New Fabric

This replacement cover is made by the original Coolaroo company, so you know it will fit your existing elevated pet bed frame perfectly. It features the same innovative multi-layered design and breathable, cooling polyethylene fabric that made Coolaroo the leader in keeping pets cool and comfortable.

Airflow is Key to Keeping Your Pet Chill

The 3D fabric allows air to flow freely through the material, preventing hot spots from forming and keeping your pet up to 90% cooler than a traditional pet bed. The breathable fabric allows heat to escape to keep your furry friend comfortable and relaxed even on hot summer days. No more panting and repositioning trying to get cool!

Easy to Keep Clean for a Fresh Look

We all know how messy pups and kitties can be, but this Coolaroo cover makes it simple to keep your pet’s bed hygienic. The fabric can be easily washed off with just water and mild detergent, then just hang it up to air dry. No need to struggle getting a cumbersome cover on and off either, since it secures tool-free with fabric hook straps.

Durable Fabric Stands up to Pets!

Don’t worry about your pet’s claws, teeth, or roughhousing damaging this durable cover. It’s made from tough high-density polyethylene fabric that can handle normal wear and tear. It’s chew-resistant and strong enough to contain even rambunctious dogs.

Easily Change the Look Whenever You Want

If you feel like giving your pet’s bed a quick style update, it takes just seconds to remove this cover and replace it with a new one. Coolaroo makes replacement covers in a variety of great colors like terracotta, white, gray and more. It’s an affordable way to redecorate and give your pet’s lounging area a fresh new look.

Give Your Pet the Gift of Luxurious Comfort

Your furry family member deserves the best, so give them the gift of cool comfort with the Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed Replacement Cover. The innovative 3D fabric will help prevent those dog days of summer from being unbearably hot. Hook side attachments make this cover incredibly easy to secure and remove whenever it needs washing or you feel like changing colors.

Dogs and cats will love stretching out and enjoying a nap or lazy lounging session on this cooling, comfortable oasis. The durable polyethylene fabric can handle regular use, bites, and scratches.

With proper care, this replacement cover will keep your existing Coolaroo elevated bed frame looking and feeling brand new. Give your pet a cool spot to beat the heat and relax in style with the Original Elevated Pet Bed Replacement Cover by Coolaroo today!


  • Breathable 3D fabric allows maximum airflow to keep pets up to 90% cooler
  • Easily washable fabric just needs mild soap, water, and air drying
  • Durable high-density polyethylene cover resists wear, claws, bites and the elements
  • Hook side attachments make cover easy to secure and remove
  • Elevated frame design keeps pets comfy – not hot spots like traditional beds
  • Made by the original Coolaroo company, fits existing Coolaroo frames
  • Available in convenient sizes – small, medium, large
  • Range of color options to customize the look

Give your pet the gift of cool, relaxing comfort with the Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed Replacement Cover. Order today!


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