CollarDirect Reflective Step-in Dog Harness – Keep Your Pup Safe and Secure On Walks



Keep your pup safe and secure while out on walks with the CollarDirect Reflective Step-in Dog Harness. This adjustable harness comes in a variety of sizes and colors to fit dogs from puppies to large breeds. It’s made with durable nylon webbing that’s soft and comfortable against your dog’s fur.

Adjustable for a Customizable Fit

Getting the proper harness fit is important for your dog’s comfort and safety. This step-in dog harness features adjustable straps at the neck and chest to customize the fit. Simply slide the straps through the buckles to tighten or loosen as needed to get the perfect fit for your pup. Whether your dog is a growing puppy or a fully grown adult, this adjustable harness will accommodate their changing size.

Reflective Stitching for Safety

Walking your dog at night? This harness has reflective stitching that will help keep your pup visible after dark. The reflective details around the neck and chest area help reflect light from headlights and street lamps, making your dog more noticeable to drivers. Safety is a top priority when walking your dog, and the reflective accents on this harness provide an extra layer of protection.

Soft, Padded Design for Comfort

Your dog’s comfort is key, and this harness delivers with its soft, padded design. It’s made from lightweight nylon material that’s smooth and gentle against your dog’s coat and skin. The neck and chest straps feature padding for extra comfort against sensitive areas. Your dog can enjoy long walks without any chafing or irritation thanks to the breathable, padded construction.

Easy On/Off Design

Save time and frustration with this easy step-in design. Simply open the neck straps and have your dog step into the harness. Then pull the straps snug and clip the plastic buckles to secure. Taking the harness off is just as simple – just unclip the buckles and pull apart the neck straps. No more struggling to pull the harness over your dog’s head or wiggly escape artists backing out. The step-in design makes harnessing a breeze.

Match With Other CollarDirect Gear

For the complete walking ensemble, pair this harness with other CollarDirect gear. Choose a matching nylon leash and collar for a coordinated look. All featuring reflective details and made with the same soft, durable nylon material, these pieces complement each other beautifully. Mix and match colors or opt for a monochromatic look – either way, your pup will make a fashion statement on their daily stroll.

Available in Multiple Colors

This reflective dog harness comes in a spectrum of fun, vibrant colors to suit any pup’s personality. Choose a classic black or bold red, or go for a playful mint green or cheery pink. You can select a color that matches your dog’s coat or your own personal style. Coordinate with other walking gear or seasonal outfits. With so many color options, you’re sure to find one that you and your dog will love.

Designed for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, which is why this harness comes in sizes to fit them all. The adjustable design means it can conform to your dog, whether they’re a petite Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or a robust Mastiff. Measure your dog’s chest behind the front legs to determine the right size harness for them. From toy breeds to giants, this harness can provide comfort and security.

Size Chart:

  • Small: Chest 16″ – 20″
  • Medium: Chest 18″ – 22″
  • Large: Chest 20″ – 28″

Quality Construction for Durability

Built to last through countless adventures, this dog harness features reinforced stitching at stress points for extra strength. The sturdy nylon material and solid hardware hold up to regular use without fraying, stretching or breaking. It’s designed to keep even rambunctious pups secure and offer peace of mind to pet parents. With proper care, this long-wearing harness will be ready for all your outings.

Great for Training and Control

This front-clip dog harness is ideal for training and added control, as it discourages pulling. The leash attachment at the chest steers your dog back towards you if they try to pull ahead or lunge. This helps reinforce good leash manners for a calmer, more controlled walk for both of you. The adjustable design also allows you to ensure a proper snug fit that won’t allow escape.

Take Your Dog Along Safely

Bring your canine companion wherever you go with confidence using the CollarDirect Reflective Step-in Dog Harness. The adjustable straps allow you to achieve a secure, custom fit tailored to your pup. Reflective details add visibility to keep your dog safe after dark. Made with soft, breathable nylon, it offers cozy support without chafing your dog’s coat. For convenience, comfort and security on all your adventures, this dog harness delivers.


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