Coconut & Mint Dental Sticks for Dogs – Wheat-Free Oral Health Bars



Support your pup’s oral hygiene with Bocce’s Bakery Coconut & Mint Brushy Sticks! Shaped like little toothbrushes, these dental bars gently clean your dog’s teeth while they chew.

Made with coconut oil and mint, Brushy Sticks freshen breath while scrubbing away plaque and tartar. Their limited, simple ingredients like coconut and mint naturally support dental health without any artificial fillers.

Proudly baked in small batches in the USA, Bocce’s uses only the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients – never preservatives or additives. We believe pups deserve wholesome treats made with care!

Choose the right size Brushy Stick based on your dog’s weight, for safe and delicious dental care. Give your pup a treat that cleans teeth and keeps their breath minty fresh!


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