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Does your furry friend get anxious during grooming sessions? Do their nails bleed when trimmed? Coastal Pet Blood Stop Powder quickly stops bleeding from nail trims and minor cuts. This styptic powder for dogs, cats and small pets lets you groom without fear. Simply apply the clotting powder to wounds and hold steady pressure to seal. Now you can clip, trim and snip while keeping your pet calm and comfortable.

As a pet owner, you know how upsetting it can be when your dog or cat gets hurt. Something as small as a nicked nail can create anxiety for everyone. That’s why having the right first aid supplies on hand is so important. Coastal Pet Blood Stop Powder works fast to stop bleeding from minor cuts, allowing you to take care of grooming essentials without a trip to the vet.

Stop Bleeding Fast

A little bleeding is normal when trimming your pet’s nails or fur. But excessive bleeding can be frightening and create distress. Coastal Pet Blood Stop Powder contains Ferric Subsulfate, an active ingredient that helps clot blood fast. The sooner bleeding stops, the sooner everyone feels relief. Just apply a small amount of powder directly to the nail or wound and hold firm pressure for 30-60 seconds. The bleeding should stop, allowing you to continue grooming without further incident.

Safe Ingredient for Pets

You want to keep your dog or cat comfortable, not cause additional stress. Coastal Pet Blood Stop Powder relies on Ferric Subsulfate, an ingredient used for decades to stop bleeding. This compound has been proven safe and effective for stying blood flow on external cuts. Just avoid using on open wounds and avoid ingestion. When used as directed topically, the natural clotting powder quickly takes effect without pain.

Easy Wound Care from Home

Now you can care for minor pet injuries without an emergency vet visit. Coastal Pet Blood Stop Powder turns grooming mishaps into quick home remedies. Simply pour a small amount of clotting powder onto a sterile gauze pad and apply to the nail or wound. Apply steady pressure for 30-60 seconds until bleeding stops. Bandage if necessary and monitor the area. Proper wound care promotes fast healing.

Dependable Brand for Pet Lovers

Coastal Pet understands pet owners because we’re pet lovers too. As a trusted brand for over 50 years, our team creates quality solutions that make pet care easier. Coastal Pet Blood Stop Powder is proudly made in the USA. It’s paraben-free and contains no additives or harsh chemicals. We carefully formulate all our pet products to be safe, gentle and effective when you need them most.

First Aid Must-Have

Don’t wait until it’s too late – be prepared for pet mishaps. Coastal Pet Blood Stop Powder is a grooming essential and first aid must-have. Keep it stocked in your pet’s toiletry kit for immediate access. Just a pinch of this clotting powder stops bleeding fast, providing instant pain relief. Whether at home or on the go, Coastal Pet Blood Stop Powder gives pet owners and groomers confidence during care sessions. Reduce anxiety and provide fast care with this veterinarian recommended styptic powder.

Benefits of Coastal Pet Blood Stop Powder:

  • Stops bleeding quickly from trimmed nails and minor cuts
  • Clotting powder seals wounds for pet first aid
  • Safe for use on dogs, cats and small pets
  • Easy to apply to minor pet injuries
  • Trusted brand for over 50 years
  • Made in the USA
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Paraben free, no harsh additives
  • Essential for pet first aid kits

Use Coastal Pet Blood Stop Powder for:

  • Pet nail trimming and clippings
  • minor cuts from grooming or play
  • Styptic care during vet visits
  • Nicks and scrapes on paws
  • Tail docking procedures
  • De-clawing or claw removal
  • Ear cropping aftercare
  • Tooth trimming from veterinarian

How to Apply Coastal Pet Blood Stop Powder:

  1. Clean wound area gently with saline or water
  2. Apply small pinch of clotting powder directly to cut
  3. Use gauze or cotton ball to dab powder onto nail
  4. Apply steady pressure for 30-60 seconds
  5. Repeat application if bleeding continues
  6. Bandage wound if necessary
  7. Monitor for additional bleeding
  8. Contact veterinarian if bleeding persists

Tend to minor pet grooming mishaps immediately with Coastal Pet Blood Stop Powder. A little clotting powder goes a long way to provide fast relief when you need it most. This versatile styptic powder is a grooming essential, first aid must-have and veterinarian recommended. Keep some handy anytime you trim nails, clip fur or snip whiskers to care for your pet safely and comfortably. Coastal Pet Blood Stop Powder turns oops moments into simple remedies so you can breathe easier.


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