Cleanup Inc Biozyme Enzyme Urine Remover – Completely Eliminate Pet Urine Stains and Odors Naturally



Tired of dealing with stubborn pet urine stains and that lingering ammonia odor in your home? Introducing the Cleanup Inc Biozyme Enzyme Urine Remover, the safe, effective and earth-friendly solution for removing pet urine stains and odors from carpet, upholstery, tile and more.

Formulated with powerful enzymatic bacteria, this odor and stain remover works at the source to completely break down and remove pet urine residues that soap and water alone often miss. The natural bio-enzymatic formula quickly eliminates the toughest urine stains, removes odors and prevents re-soiling, leaving behind a fresh, clean scent.

Why Choose Cleanup Inc Biozyme Enzyme Urine Remover?

All-Natural and Pet-Safe Ingredients

The Cleanup Inc Urine Remover contains no harsh chemicals, masking agents or toxic ingredients – only powerful enzymatic bacteria and plant-based cleaners that are completely safe for pets when used as directed. The earth-friendly formula is septic tank safe and won’t harm lawns or plants when cleaning yard odors.

Removes Stains Other Products Leave Behind

Ordinary cleaners cannot penetrate down into padding and subsurface areas like Cleanup Inc can. Our proprietary bio-enzymatic formula works on old, set-in stains that other products fail to remove. The pre-measured sprayer delivers the perfect amount of product for optimal effectiveness.

Permanently Eliminates Odors at the Source

Cleanup Inc’s bacteria work to digest and remove the organic matter in urine that causes odors, instead of just masking smells temporarily. It continues to work even after you can no longer smell odors, to prevent recurring urine odors.

Safe and Effective on Multiple Surfaces

Use this enzyme cleaner on carpet, upholstery, tile, sealed hardwood, kennels, pet beds, litter boxes, concrete, yards and more. The non-toxic and hypoallergenic formula is safe yet tough on stains.

How to Use

Cleanup Inc Biozyme Urine Remover could not be easier to use! Just follow these simple steps:

Test on an inconspicuous area first.
Remove any surface residue. Soak up excess liquid and blot stain.
Spray liberally over affected area until completely soaked. For best results, lift carpet nap with brush.
Allow product to air dry; no rinsing required. Repeat application for stubborn stains.
Let dry completely before allowing pets back on treated areas. Avoid contact with eyes.
One 32oz bottle provides enough ready-to-use formula to treat multiple accidents. For best results, catch stains when fresh and extract any urine from padding if possible.

Real Customer Reviews

“This stuff really works! My elderly dog had frequent accidents on our new carpet. I was ready to give up and replace the carpet until I found Cleanup Inc. It completely removed all stains and smells – I wish I had found it sooner!” – Mary S.

“We foster many animals and have dealt with more than our share of pet stains. Cleanup Inc is by far the best product for removing all traces of odors and stains, both old and new. I recommend it to all my pet-loving friends!” – Susan T.

Order Today for a Fresh, Odor-Free Home

Don’t let lingering pet odors get the best of you! Get back your fresh, clean home again with Cleanup Inc Biozyme Enzyme Urine Remover. Safe for use around pets and children when used as directed. Made in the USA.

Order on Amazon now and say goodbye to stubborn urine stains and smells for good!


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