Ciays Pet Water Fountain – The Healthiest Drinking Fountain for Your Feline Friends



Is your cat turning up its nose at boring old water bowls? Do you constantly find yourself refilling empty bowls around the house? It’s time to upgrade to the Ciays Pet Water Fountain – the perfect hydration solution for finicky felines.

This ingenious water fountain provides your cat with a continuous stream of fresh, filtered water on demand. The free-falling stream entices cats to drink more often, supporting kidney health and preventing UTIs and bladder stones. Plus, the gentle cascade of running water activates your cat’s natural drinking instincts. No more dehydration or urinary issues for your beloved pet!

With a generous 2 liter capacity, this fountain can last over a week between refills. The large transparent tank lets you check the water level at a glance. And when it’s time to refill, the pump shuts off automatically to prevent dry running.

But what really sets this fountain apart is the multi-stage filtration system. It removes food particles, hair, and other debris for fresher tasting water.

Here’s how it works:

Stage 1: Water passes through an activated carbon filter to eliminate chlorine and bad tastes/odors. The carbon block also traps large debris.

Stage 2: A fine mechanical filter screen further purifies the water, catching any remaining particulates.

Stage 3: An additional pre-filter on the pump filters out impurities once more before the water circulates through the fountain.

This 3-stage filtration provides near 100% purification for the cleanest, healthiest drinking experience. Your cat will enjoy cleaner water than ever before.

The modern LED illuminated design looks sleek in any home. The soft night light lets you check on drinking levels at a glance. Plus, the gentle glow attracts shy or picky pets to try out the fountain.

More reasons to love this pet-approved water fountain:

  • Dishwasher safe parts make cleaning a breeze.
  • BPA-free materials are non-toxic and pet safe.
  • Whisper-quiet pump won’t disturb you or your pets.
  • Safety sensors prevent water overflow accidents.
  • Round edges protect your cat’s tender tongue from cuts and scratches.

With over 4.7 stars and rave reviews, pet owners agree this is the paws-itively perfect water fountain for cats. No more spills, no more hassles – just healthy hydration on demand.

Your feline friends will thank you for this refreshing upgrade from boring water bowls. Keep those kidneys healthy and make sure your cats get the moisture they need with the Ciays Pet Water Fountain.

Order now and receive free shipping! Satisfaction guaranteed – we stand behind our products 100%. We can’t wait for your cats to enjoy fresher water than ever before.


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