Cherish The Paw Prints Left On Your Heart Forever – Small Glass Memorial Bottle to Immortalize Your Furry Friend’s Memories



Losing a beloved furry family member leaves an ache in your heart that never fully goes away. But their paw prints on your life remain forever. Honor your cherished dog or cat’s memory with this unique and meaningful pet memorial gift.

This exquisite handcrafted glass bottle by CATABUBU allows you to seal a physical piece of your pet inside, so you may always have a part of them near. Place a tuft of fur, whiskers, a tooth or clay paw print – any small memento that brings you comfort and helps you feel their presence.

A Touching Keepsake To Memorialize Your Pet’s Unconditional Love

The delicate blown glass bottle is handcrafted by artisans with great care to create a vessel worthy of carrying such precious cargo. Available in three sizes (2.4in x 1.4in, 3in x 1.8in, 3.5in x 2in) to accommodate various types of pet memorabilia.

Seal your memories safely inside the bottle, knowing they will remain untouched and perfect. Hang on the bent silver metal necklace to wear around your neck or display on a shelf, mantel or nightstand. The smooth round curves sparkle beautifully in the light, letting in just enough glow to illuminate your pet’s relic.

Giving as a gift? This meaningful pet loss memorial is a touching way to show sympathy and support to grieving pet owners. Include a heartfelt message on the included gift note card to share comfort during difficult times. Arrives gift boxed and bow tied, ready for gifting.

Crafted with Love to Help You Hold Onto Beautiful Memories

What better way to carry a piece of the unconditional love and joy your furry friend brought you over the years? This little memorial bottle lets you keep a part of your companion as a uplifting daily reminder of the pawsome times you shared.

Customize the bottle by adding a photo, name or date. Or fill with a special treasure like:

  • Tuft of fur
  • Whiskers
  • Paw print impression
  • Clay imprint of nose/paw
  • Collar tag
  • Ashes
  • Tooth
  • Sympathy flower

The design is subtle yet elegant. A heartfelt way to memorialize your pet without an overt gravestone aesthetic. Keep on your nightstand or bookshelf to instill peaceful memories when you need it most. Ideal for:

  • Dog owners
  • Cat lovers
  • Pet parents
  • Animal lovers
  • Those grieving a pet’s passing

With its delicate details and bent silver necklace, this little bottle makes a meaningful gift for any pet memorial or loss. The artisanal quality ensures it will last a lifetime as a family heirloom to be treasured.

Pass On The Paw Prints Left On Your Heart

Our pets leave indelible paw prints on our hearts. Once you’ve loved a dog or cat, a part of them is with you always. This memorial gift captures that eternal bond in a touching keepsake.

Seal a piece of your beloved friend in this little glass bottle so their memory is with you wherever life takes you. Display on your desk at work to spark smiles on hard days. Let it be a comforting night light on your bedside table, or a conversation piece on the mantle.

Such a pawsitive way to honor your pet’s legacy and process the grief of losing a family member. The unconditional love you shared transcends life and physical form, but having a physical piece provides much needed comfort.

An Unique Memorial Gift To Show You Care

Looking for the purrfect gift for a grieving pet lover? This sympathy present says you understand the depth of their loss and want to offer a thoughtful, healing gift to memorialize their furry family member.

Bottling up memories, both figuratively and literally, helps us process grief. This pet loss gift enables your loved one to immortalize their pet in a healthy way. Cherish the paw prints on your heart by carrying a symbolic piece wherever life takes you.

With its touching design and beautiful gift box, this is a gift that shows you truly care. A heartfelt way to say “your pet’s unconditional love lives on, and I’m here for you.”

Keep your furry friend’s memory forever near with this special memorial bottle. Order now to cherish the paw prints they left on your heart.


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