Chatelet Angora Soft-Sided Pet Carrier for Small Dogs and Cats Up To 22 lbs



The Chatelet Angora Soft-Sided Pet Carrier provides a comfortable and secure way to travel with your small dog or cat up to 22 lbs. This versatile carrier features a wide-mouth top opening for easy access, mesh panels for ventilation, a removable cushion for washing, and smart belt loops to attach to luggage – making it the perfect companion for stress-free trips.

Spacious Interior for Pet Comfort

The interior dimensions of 15″ x 17″ x 10″ give your pet plenty of room to move around and get comfortable during travel. The wide-mouth opening at the top makes it easy to place your dog or cat into the carrier without having to struggle or force them inside. Once inside, your pet will appreciate being able to sit, stand, or lay down in the carrier as needed.

Proper Ventilation Keeps Pets Cool

Mesh panels on all three sides and the top of the Angora pet carrier allow for proper airflow to keep your pet cool and comfortable. The breathable mesh prevents the carrier from getting stuffy while also giving your pet a view of their surroundings. The ventilation will be especially appreciated on hot days or for anxious pets prone to overheating in enclosed spaces.

Removable Cushion for Easy Cleaning

The included cushion provides a soft surface for your pet to lay on during travel. When accidents happen or the cushion gets dirty, you can easily remove it from the carrier and toss it in the washing machine to keep it fresh. Having a removable, washable cushion makes it simple to maintain a clean carrier interior between uses.

Odor Control Technology

The Angora pet carrier features a smart lining treated with SILVADUR technology to inhibit bacterial growth and control odors. This odor control coating prevents the carrier from retaining smells that can be unpleasant for both pet and owner. No more having to deal with a stinky carrier after just one use!

Securely Attaches to Luggage

This carrier comes with an adjustable crossbody strap so you can wear it hands-free. But it also has a useful built-in strap on the back that allows you to slide it over the handle of rolling luggage. This keeps your pet carrier securely attached to your suitcase so you don’t have to juggle carrying both while navigating airports or train stations.

Safely Restrains in Vehicles

The Angora carrier has two built-in safety straps that allow you to buckle it securely to a car seat belt. This prevents the carrier from sliding around or tipping over while driving. Restraining the carrier keeps your pet safe and secure for a stress-free car ride.

High Quality Construction

This pet carrier is crafted from durable 600 denier polyester with PVC backing for water resistance. The sturdy structure retains its shape even when not in use. YKK zippers provide smooth, reliable closure of the openings. And the fleece padding helps insulate your pet against the cold. The premium construction ensures this carrier will hold up through years of regular use.

Ease of Use

From placing your pet inside to transporting the carrier, numerous design features make this soft-sided kennel extremely user-friendly:

  • Wide-mouth top opening for easy pet access
  • Mesh panels allow pets to see out
  • Removable, washable cushion
  • Adjustable, detachable crossbody strap
  • Luggage handle pass through band
  • Seat belt safety straps
  • Water resistant polyester fabric
  • Durable, structured shape

Ideal for Travel

The Chatelet Angora Pet Carrier is perfect for:

  • Air travel – fits under most airline seats
  • Road trips – attaches securely in vehicles
  • Public transportation like trains, buses, taxis
  • Outings to the park, beach, shopping, etc.
  • Visits to the vet clinic or groomer
  • Daily walks close to home

Wherever you and your small dog or cat need to go, this soft-sided carrier provides a safe, comfortable mode of pet transportation.

Product Specifications:

  • Interior dimensions: 15″ L x 17″ W x 10″ H
  • For pets up to 22 lbs
  • Wide-mouth top opening
  • Mesh ventilation panels
  • Removable, machine-washable cushion
  • Adjustable crossbody strap
  • Luggage handle pass through
  • Seat belt straps
  • Odor control lining
  • Durable polyester fabric

Give Your Pet Stress-Free Travel

The Chatelet Angora Soft-Sided Pet Carrier provides comfort, convenience, and security for traveling with small dogs and cats. Its smart design and premium materials make transportation easy for both you and your pet. Order today to ensure your furry companion travels in style and safety on your next adventure!


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