CatGuru Non-Slip Silicone Cat Food Mat – The Perfect Mess-Free Feeding Solution for Your Feline Friend



Is your cat a messy eater who loves to spill their food and water all over the floor? Are you tired of cleaning up wet paw prints and sticky messes after every meal? Introducing the CatGuru Cat Food Mat, the purrfect solution for containing those feeding time spills!

This innovative mat is specially designed with high edges to corral even the messiest of eaters. The mat’s smart silicone design not only contains spills and splashes, but also prevents bowls from sliding around on floors. Best of all, setup is a breeze – simply place your cat’s bowls on top of the mat and voila! No more messy cleanups.

Cat parents love the CatGuru Cat Food Mat for its many pet-friendly features:

  • Extra High 1 inch Edges to lock in spills and splashes
  • Non-Slip Surface keeps bowls firmly in place
  • Waterproof silicone material won’t absorb messes
  • Non-Toxic & Food Safe composition made from 100% silicone
  • Easy to Clean – simply wipe or wash to like-new condition
  • Flexible & Portable Design rolls up for storage and travel

The CatGuru Cat Food Mat comes in two sizes to suit your feline’s needs:

  • 👉 Small Size: 19 x 11 inches – for 1 cat bowl
  • 👉 Large Size: 27 x 16 inches – for multiple bowls

The small cat food mat is ideal for a single kitty, providing plenty of coverage for one food bowl and a water bowl. For multi-cat households, the large size gives cats enough space to comfortably eat side-by-side without playing “musical bowls”.

Both sizes feature a thin 0.6 inch profile that allows the mat to lay flat and hug the floor. The textured silicone surface provides just the right amount of grip to keep bowls securely in place, while still allowing you to adjust positioning as needed.

Spilled kibble, canned food, and even splashed water are promptly contained thanks to the mat’s generously high edges. No more stray bits rolling under the stove or puddles seeping under the mat! The waterproof silicone material also prevents moisture absorption, keeping the surface hygienically dry for your cat.

Many cat mats take forever to dry out after a wash, but not the CatGuru mat! Its silicone construction means the mat dries quickly so you can use it again right away. Cleanup is a cinch by just wiping, washing with soap and water, or tossing it in the dishwasher.

Your cats will love their new feeding station too! The CatGuru mat gives them a comfortable, non-slip surface for eating and drinking. No more accidentally nudging bowls across slick floors or having ceramic bowls dangerously slide around.

The mat’s smooth, medical-grade silicone is non-toxic and free of BPA, PVC, latex, and phthalates. You can have peace of mind knowing that only safe, food-grade materials touch your cat’s food and water.

With its smart spill-proof design and pet-friendly features, the CatGuru Cat Food Mat provides the paws-down best feeding solution for your feline friend. Dinnertime finally becomes the neat, contained affair that you’ve always dreamed of!

Order the CatGuru Cat Food Mat today and say goodbye to the mess of feeding time spills!


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