Cat Mate C200 Automatic 2 Meal Pet Feeder for Cats & Small Dogs



Tired of your furry friend’s incessant meowing when it’s time to eat? Searching for an automatic pet feeder that reliably delivers meals on time, even when you’re away? Look no further than the Cat Mate C200 Automatic 2 Meal Pet Feeder!

On-Time Meals Your Pet Will Love

The Cat Mate C200 allows you to preset up to 2 meals per day, delivering food precisely when your pet expects it. No more sad, hungry eyes or loud demands for dinner—this feeder takes mealtimes off your plate.

Simply fill each 400g bowl, set the desired feed times with the easy-to-use 48 hour timer, and let the C200 do the work. Dual lids open simultaneously at the programmed times, providing perfectly portioned, fresh meals. Your cat or small dog will love the convenience of on-time eating.

Keep Food Fresh with Cooling Ice Pack

Nothing beats the taste and appeal of fresh, crispy kibble. The integrated ice pack in the Cat Mate C200 keeps food cool and crunchy for pets who graze throughout the day.

The cooling pack slips easily into a special compartment beneath the bowls. Simply pre-chill or freeze the pack as desired to maintain freshness. No more mushy, spoiled leftovers in the bowls between meals.

Programmable Portion Control

With its dual 400g bowls, the C200 Feeder allows customizable portioning at each meal. Feed different amounts or types of food at breakfast and dinner to match your pet’s unique needs.

Use the divider clip to keep one lid shut until the next feeding. This prevents overeating by ensuring one bowl is accessed at a time. The C200 gives you total control over proper pet nutrition.

Convenient, Pet-Proof, & Easy to Clean

The Cat Mate C200 makes feedings simpler for pet parents. Its compact design is easy to place in a kitchen, mudroom, or where your pet eats. Durable ABS plastic construction stands up to paws, teeth, and scratching.

Both bowls and lids remove for quick cleaning in the dishwasher or sink. The tight-sealing lids keep food protected from flies, ants, and furry thieves looking for a free meal.

Reliable Battery Operation

No outlet needed here! The C200 operates on just one AA battery (not included) for approximately 12 months.

Set the digital timer and go—there’s no recharging or batteries to replace for a whole year. The C200 keeps feeding even in a power outage. Simple reliability pet owners appreciate.

Secure It to Prevent Tip-Overs

Pets may paw aggressively when hungry. To avoid tipping, the C200 can be securely fastened to a sturdy wooden board (not included).

Holes on the black base allow screwing the feeder down for stability. This prevents spills or movement that could throw off the timer. Give your pet peace of mind knowing their food source stays firmly in place.

Why Choose the Cat Mate C200 Automatic Pet Feeder?

  • Dispenses up to 2 meals per day
  • Each lid opening independently
  • Holds 400g (14 oz) in each bowl
  • Prevents food spoilage with ice pack
  • Battery powered for 12 months
  • Durable plastic bowls & lids
  • Divider clip controls portions
  • Small footprint saves space
  • Easy to clean in dishwasher
  • Secures to board for stability

Take the hassle out of pet feedings with the convenient Cat Mate C200 2 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder. Give your cat or small dog a consistent, automatic feeding schedule that keeps them healthy and happy.

Order the C200 now and take back your schedule! No more rushing home or trips to fill empty bowls. You can relax knowing your furry friend is getting fresh food right on time.


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