Cat Litter Box Liners for Freefa Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box – Convenience Bags Keep Your Litter Box Fresh



Tired of scooping and cleaning your cat’s litter box? Our Cat Litter Box Liners make cleaning a breeze! Specially designed to fit the Freefa Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box, these liners trap all the waste in an easy to remove bag. Just tie up the bag and toss it when full – no mess, no fuss.

As cat owners, we know how frustrating a dirty litter box can be. Constant scooping and scrubbing leaves behind dust and grime, not to mention that unpleasant ammonia odor. Our litter box liners solve these problems by containing the waste and sealing in odors.

The thick, durable plastic traps all solid waste and absorbs urine, keeping your Freefa litter box cleaner between full bag changes. Just remove the full bag, tie it closed, and replace with a fresh liner. It takes seconds and your hands never touch messy litter!

Key Features and Benefits

Custom Fit – Shaped specifically for Freefa litter boxes, with elastic edges for a secure fit. Fits all sizes.

Odor Control – Seals in odors so your home smells fresh, not like a litter box. The tight seal contains ammonia and other bad smells.

Leak Proof – Durable plastic film and waterproof lining prevent leaks. Urine is fully absorbed and paws stay dry.

Easy Cleanup – No more scooping or scrubbing! Just remove the bag when full and replace. Takes seconds with no mess.

Hands Free – Never touch dirty litter again. The seal keeps waste fully contained so your hands stay clean.

Convenient Drawstring – Drawstring closure makes removing and tying off full bags a cinch.

Cat litter box liners in use

Say Goodbye to Messy Cleanups and Smelly Litter Boxes

Our litter box liners are the easy, mess-free way to keep your Freefa self cleaning litter box fresh and clean.

The super durable plastic film fully contains all solid waste and absorbs urine. Elastic edges ensure a secure fit that won’t slip or leak.

When the bag is full just lift it out by the drawstring, tie it closed, and toss. Place a new liner in the empty box and you’re done. It takes just seconds!

With our liners you’ll:

  • Keep your hands clean – no more touching dirty litter!
  • Trap odors – seals in ammonia and other bad smells
  • Reduce dust – contains litter scatter inside the bag
  • Enjoy easy cleaning – simply remove and replace bags

Our customers love how these litter box liners simplify cleaning. One customer says “I used to hate cleaning the litter box. These liners made it so easy. Just toss the bag and put in a new one. No mess, no fuss. My home smells so much fresher now too!”


  • Quantity: 30 liners total, 2 packs of 15
  • Material: Durable plastic film with waterproof PE backing
  • Size: 18.5 in x 19.5 in, fits all Freefa litter box sizes
  • Drawstring closure for easy removal
  • Elastic edges keep liner securely in place
  • Absorbs urine and contains odor
  • Leak proof plastic and waterproof lining

Affordable Odor and Mess Control

Stop wasting time scooping litter. Our Cat Litter Box Liners simplify cleaning so your home stays fresh.

The best part? This 2 pack of 30 liners costs less than other brands. Each liner can last for 1-2 weeks depending on your cat’s bathroom habits.

Give these convenient liners a try! Place your order today and say goodbye to smelly litter boxes and messy cleanups for good. Your cat will appreciate it too.

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