Cat H2O Filtered Cat Drinking Fountain – Crystal Clear Water with Dental Care for Cats’ Health



Does your cat love drinking from the faucet? Do you worry about their dental health as they age? Look no further than the Cat H2O Filtered Cat Drinking Fountain! This innovative pet fountain provides your cat with the running water they crave in a convenient fountain design.

The Cat H2O fountain holds a generous 67 fl. oz/2.1 quarts of water, providing ample fresh water for your cat throughout the day. The surface skimmer aerates the water to keep it crystal clear, while also preventing saliva and slime from accumulating on the surface. Your cat will enjoy cleaner, fresher-tasting water that encourages them to drink more. Proper hydration supports your cat’s kidney and urinary tract health.

But the benefits don’t stop there! The Cat H2O fountain includes a replaceable filter cartridge to remove impurities and debris from the circulating water. This ensures your cat is getting pure, filtered water with each lap. The filter cartridge should be replaced monthly to maintain water purity.

The icing on the cake? Each Cat H2O fountain includes sample dental care tablets specially formulated to support your cat’s oral health. The dental tablets enhance the drinking water to help prevent plaque and tartar buildup – a common problem for cats as they age. This leads to healthier gums and fresher breath for your feline friend. What a great way to improve their dental hygiene as part of their daily water intake!

The stylish, translucent design looks great in any home while allowing you to easily monitor the water level. It’s available in a trendy lime green and black color. The fountain is made from BPA-free plastic for chemical-free use.

Setting up and using the Cat H2O fountain is simple:

Assemble the fountain by snapping the parts together. No tools required!
Fill with fresh water and drop in the included dental tablet.
Plug in the fountain. The quiet pump will begin circulating the water.
Replace the filter cartridge monthly for continued filtration.
The fountain can be taken apart in seconds for cleaning. All parts are dishwasher-safe for convenience.
Give your cat the gift of dental health and hydration with the Cat H2O Filtered Cat Drinking Fountain. Your cat will love having a fresh flowing water source while you’ll love the health benefits it provides. Order the Cat H2O today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the dental care tablet work?

The dental care tablet contains enzymes and oxidizers that safely fight plaque-causing bacteria. When dissolved in the fountain water, it forms a solution that reduces bacteria and plaque when ingested by the cat during drinking. With regular use, it promotes healthier gums and fresher cat breath.

How often should the filter be replaced?

For optimal filtration, the filter cartridge should be replaced every 4 weeks. Monthly replacement ensures the fountain water remains clean and impurity-free.

What is the fountain made from?

The fountain is constructed from BPA-free plastic for chemical safety. It meets food-grade standards so only purified water touches your pet’s tongue.

How do you clean the Cat H2O fountain?

The fountain conveniently disassembles in seconds without tools for cleaning. All parts are top-rack dishwasher safe to make cleaning a breeze. We recommend washing the fountain weekly to keep it fresh.

Where is the fountain manufactured?

The Cat H2O fountain is designed by Drinkwell, a trusted U.S. pet products company known for innovative pet fountains. It is manufactured in China under strict quality control standards.

Is the pump loud?

The fountain has a quiet, low-voltage submersible pump designed for near-silent operation. The gentle hum it produces is soft enough for any home or room.

What is the power source?

The fountain plugs into a standard AC outlet. It uses a safe, low-voltage power system to operate the water pump. No batteries required!

What color choices are available?

Currently the Cat H2O fountain comes in a stylish lime green and black color scheme. The transparent black base allows monitoring of the water level.

Will my cat take to drinking from the fountain?

The flowing, oxygenated water encourages most cats to drink. The fountain may take a few days to get used to but provides benefits cats naturally love from tap water. Monitoring your cat’s use in the first week is recommended.

How often should new dental tablets be added?

We recommend adding one new dental tablet every 2-3 weeks to maintain the plaque prevention properties. Cats that drink frequently may require tablets more often.

What is the return policy?

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the Cat H2O fountain. Simply return it for a full refund of the purchase price. We want you and your cat to be happy!


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