Carlson Maxi Extra Tall Pet Gate – Keep Your Pets Safe While Allowing Small Pets to Pass Through



The Carlson Maxi Extra Tall Pet Gate is the ideal solution for pet owners looking to restrict access to certain areas of their home while still allowing smaller pets to move freely. This extra tall and wide pet gate is perfect for stairways, doorways, hallways, and the bottom of stairs.

Extra Tall and Wide Design

This gate expands to fit openings between 51-58 inches wide, making it perfect for larger doorways and staircases. At 38 inches tall, it provides an extra barrier to keep your pets safely contained. The extra height helps deter even the most agile jumpers.

Built-In Small Pet Door

A patented small pet door measuring 10 x 7 inches is built into the gate. This allows small pets like cats and small dogs to conveniently pass through while keeping larger pets restricted. The pet door can also be locked to keep all pets out when desired.

Fully Adjustable

The Carlson Pet Gate is fully adjustable, expanding and retracting to custom fit your unique space. Easily adjust the gate wider or more narrow depending on your current needs. The expandable design means you can use this gate in multiple areas around your home.

Durable Steel Construction

Made from strong and durable steel, this gate is built to last. The powder coated finish helps prevent rusting, scratching, and other wear and tear over time. Sturdy steel ensures this gate won’t bend or sag over time like cheaper plastic models.

Hardware Mounted for Added Safety

For optimal safety and security, the gate includes wall mounting hardware. This provides added stability and reinforcement to keep pets safely contained. Mounting prevents tipping or collapsing if pets lean or push against the gate.

Convenient Walk-Through Design

A convenient walk-through door allows owners to easily enter and exit without needing to step over the gate. The door features a safety lock plus an automatic closing feature for added security.

Easy One-Handed Operation

Designed for maximum convenience, this pet gate features single slide latch operation. Easily open and close the gate using just one hand – no fumbling with tricky latches. The single slide latch is positioned at an optimal 39 inch height.

Quick and Easy Installation

This gate sets up quickly and easily in just minutes. No special tools are required for installation. Detailed instructions with pictures are included for fast and hassle-free set up. Wall mounting hardware ensures optimal stability once installed.

Compact Storage

When not in use, the Carlson Pet Gate folds flat for space-saving storage. Easily remove the gate from openings and store conveniently out of the way. The fold-flat design is perfect for travel or packing away when company visits.

Non-Toxic and Pet Safe

Made using non-toxic finishes, this gate will not harm pets if chewed or scratched. Designed with pet safety in mind, there are no hazardous chemicals or materials. Pets can rest easy around this gate without risk of toxins.

Trusted Brand

With over 50 years experience, Carlson Pet Products is a trusted brand by pet owners worldwide. They specialize in pet gates, pens, and enclosures designed for safety, security, and convenience. Carlson aims to enhance both pet and owner lifestyles.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Carlson stands behind this gate with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They aim to delight customers and pets alike. Contact Carlson’s helpful customer service for any product questions, concerns, or issues.

With its extra height, width, small pet door, and array of smart features, the Carlson Maxi Extra Tall Pet Gate provides the ideal blend of safety, security, and convenience. Give your pets safe access while restricting off-limit areas with this adaptable steel gate. Order today to help make your home both pet-friendly and pet-safe!


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